View Full Version : Vantec Iceberg 4 Pro for NV cards FS/FT...I have great Refs!

06-05-03, 06:26 PM
Hello, all. I come to you from Anandtech's For Sale forums. I didn't get much response for this item, so I figured I might as well come to where all the nVidia owners hang out. I just ordered the Vantec Iceberg 4 (non-pro) from newegg. They mixed up and sent me the Pro version which is for nVidia cards.

I am asking $20 shipped!!!! That is $5 less than NewEgg has them shipped. This is totally new, I have invoices to prove I just purchased it...and I can take pics. I did open it to see if there was any way to make it fit, but it has not been used at all.

If you'd rather order me a non-pro and have it shipped to me, and I send you this one, that can me arranged.

I have heatware (http://www.heatware.com) under "mangotbg". As you see I have a lot of trades/sales under my belt. If you'd like to speak w/ anyone I've dealt with, feel free to get incontact with them. The quickest way to get in contact w/ me is through AIM under OneSl1ckGuy!


06-22-03, 05:17 PM

06-22-03, 06:30 PM
if you still have it I might be interested. Gotta look up some info on it so if it ain't goin' yet hold onto it for a few more days just in case:D

06-23-03, 09:17 PM
I think I'll pass on this one, thanks tho, looks like a great product:)