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03-04-09, 05:05 PM
The controls felt like a sane balance between hardcore accuracy and arcade looseness--a scheme I was able to get into with a little patience, but one complicated enough to not offend a hardcore racing fan. Pulling too hard in one direction resulted in a quick smack into a wall, but a little drifting was possible with enough skill. Shift isn't Grand Turismo, the reps assured me over and over, and I was certainly placing higher than I usually would in that series.
Hope it doesn't disappoint after all!

03-04-09, 05:12 PM
holy **** that looks good. may have to get this before GT5 :D

03-04-09, 05:15 PM
I read they were taking the series to a more "simulation" direction as well. Those screens are pretty damn impressive. :)

03-04-09, 05:37 PM
Come on a new one already hehe, havent tested the last one but I heard it sucked so this must be better. more sim sounds good. maybe like gotham racing then im all for it and it looks frikking awsome so bring it on. this could be speciall :D

03-04-09, 09:14 PM
Thats more like it!! looks decent :)

03-04-09, 09:29 PM
I want this game. And I want it to properly support my steering wheel.

03-04-09, 09:37 PM
Looks like GRID--->

03-04-09, 10:42 PM
I really want this game to do well and work great with my G25.

03-04-09, 11:46 PM
Looks like GRID--->

Was about to post that. When in doubt... copy! Just like ea.

03-05-09, 02:23 AM
Looks like GRID--->

without the poop filter?

03-05-09, 06:17 AM
Sim Bin!!! I heard remnants of sim bin were involved

03-05-09, 06:45 AM
I hope so and wish for physic that is driveable.

03-05-09, 10:01 AM
saw the pics at gamespot today.. man I hope this game delivers... I REALLY do.

I may download the demo on PS3 when it's available and see what I think then either pass or grab it for PC.

03-23-09, 11:33 AM
First actual ingame trailer!

Game is looking good! Looks like Need for Speed is going back to its roots as a high speed serious racing game! :D

03-23-09, 11:43 AM
The screens dont say crap... every single one has its background as either pretty blured, and uber blured. Dosn't tell me anything about if they finally got their race tracks up to par again.

The last 3 need for speeds have been very disappointing and THEY KNOW IT, I will NOT hold my breath on this one.

03-23-09, 11:54 AM
The screens dont say crap...

Watch the video then...

03-23-09, 11:59 AM
Mhh, looks like a GRID copy :(

Is that bad? I thought GRID was pretty good...

03-23-09, 03:29 PM
HD Teaser: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/47022.html

03-23-09, 07:12 PM
Is it just me or did anyone else NOT see any evidence of damage modelling on those cars? At one stage near the end he rear-ends another car and it just bounces off. Even on the most fogiving difficulty levels in TOCA 3 or GRID, tapping a car resulted in immediate and somewhat realistic damage being applied. Broken lights, crumped corners, warped bonnet... I zaw nozing!

03-23-09, 07:24 PM
True, but I did see a game that looks very very good. If they get this to work with my Steering Wheel properly, I'm gonna be a very happy person.

03-23-09, 08:55 PM
Looking good so far..

03-24-09, 09:26 AM
I think it looks great for a nfs game :headexplode: It is RD Grid clone but it looks as if they are putting some effort this time. I hope they release a demo also before release.

04-27-09, 03:28 PM
Two gameplay videos - (mind you they are low quality cam captures) -


Also a new video at Gametrailers - Producer Interview


04-27-09, 04:11 PM

04-28-09, 07:09 AM
Looks like it went from awesome to typical NFS arcade racing bull**** :(

guess I'll just have to keep on waiting for gran tourismo 5... I may get to play it before the turn of the century.