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03-06-09, 12:16 PM
Hi Everyone,

As per my earlier post (see below), Ossian and Atari have done the final QA pass on MoW to make sure everything is working with 1.22. We finished yesterday and the critical path and sidequests all check out fine. Iíve gotten the official Atari stamp of approval today, meaning that MoW is now gold!

With MoW in the pipe, the next step is to get this final version to the digital distributors, for as you may or may not know, Atari uses services like Digital River to digitally distribute their games from the Atari website. When that has been hooked up, MoW will be set to release, and youíll hear the official word from Atari about it. Iíll also post here to tell you the good news.

In the interim, it will be reviewers who will now get their copies of MoW to review. Weíre looking forward to what they have to say!
- Alan


03-06-09, 01:46 PM
no no no, i still havent played through the first expansion...

03-06-09, 02:30 PM
this adventure pack is about 15 hours of gameplay

03-06-09, 07:53 PM
Digital River is the WORST digital content distributor ever.

03-06-09, 09:36 PM
Digital River is the WORST digital content distributor ever.

So true, I got silverfall from them and they stopped providing patches for it a month after release. Worse was that the later patches had some critical fixes.

03-06-09, 11:29 PM
Sweet! Already done with both expansions.. Keep em coming!