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03-11-09, 08:48 PM
Hi I recently purchase a OEM copy of windows vista 64bit Ultimate from newegg.com and I am experience an issue with installation. When I boot off of the disc I get “press any key…” and then it proceeds to black and white “loading setup files” screen with progress bar and once that completes I am left at an all black screen with a very faint Microsoft Corp. type toward the bottom of the screen.. The type is very hard to see; however, after this for 3-4sec the computer reboots and process as normal for windows XP boot. Has anybody experience such a thing? If so what can be done install vista?
Things I have tried:

1. Different DVD drives.
2. Different copies of vista dvd’s.
3. Try disconnecting all USB devices and using old PS 2 keyboard and mouse.
4. Try different HD that are completely formatted.
5. Try only having 2gigs of memory installed..

And still the same problem…
Thanks for any help in advance…

03-12-09, 01:53 PM
maybe check your RAM? run memtest86+