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03-12-09, 09:44 PM
So anyway as you might know my PSU took the big crash taking up with it 2 hard drives. :(

I had just got a new PSU a Corsair 400w. Here is what I know

1x DVD Drive still works after computer crash
2x HD were killed

I tried to start up the computer with the new PSU and wont even start. It basically shaked the fan and that's it. The LED on the board is on but nothing else. So I think its Dead...

So I had another motherboard laying around but all it does is turn on the fans start spinning but a black screen. I tried all the CMOS tricks but nothings worked. I even put in different ram but still the same. It does have onboard VGA and is the DG965WH

So I think that maybe it took my CPU up in flames as well?

I Know its not the new PSU. Just feel free the comment here is what I need to know.

Do you think my Old Motherboard is toast?
Do you think my CPU is toast too?

If so what kind of warranty could I expect from the CPU? :(

03-13-09, 12:08 AM
Sadly its your CPU, I had the same thing happen when I built my brothers rig. :( It would fire up the fans for a split second and then nothing.

I RMAed the CPU... and after that it was fine.

Edit: I switched out motherboards and PSUs twice.... and nothing.