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03-13-09, 11:42 AM
Hey all... I was wondering if people had any experience with Neverwinter Nights 2 and SLI. This game has been collecting dust for a while but I am in the mood for an engaging single player RPG so I figured I would fire it up.

I know the game had tons of bugs and all that but all the patches have really improved that greatly. I also have the Mask of the Betrayer expansion so now my game is updated to version 1.22, the most recent version.

The nvidia control panel automatically sets the game profile to Single GPU mode, which is fine and when I play I am seeing 40-50 fps outdoors and 70+ indoors - this is fine, but it's not true SLI. When I try to use AFR2, however, my fps drops almost to half of what it was when in Single GPU mode. How can this be? I know nvidia automatically defaults it to Single GPU but I read all over that people had increased frames when using AFR2 and the like.

I also went the nHancer route and enabled the profile this way with AFR + compatibility mode 22, which is what people have said is the best for this game but I still get the same crappy results.

Sure the game runs fine in Single GPU mode but whats the point of having SLI if it's not even going to work? I would be fine if the game itself didn't support SLI but when I am reading all over message boards about people getting better frames in SLI it bothers me.

So, does anyone have any suggestions?

03-13-09, 11:58 AM

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<FILE xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
<INFO Number="0" Version="3" />
<PROFILE Label="Neverwinter Nights 2">
<APPLICATION Label="nwn2.exe" />
<APPLICATION Label="nwn2main.exe" />
<APPLICATION Label="nwn2main_amdxp.exe" />
<APPLICATION Label="nwn2main_xp.exe" />
<APPLICATION Label="nwn2server.exe" />
<APPLICATION Label="NWN2Launcher.exe" />
<APPLICATION Label="nwloader.exe" />
<PROPERTY Label="aa_default" Value="0x00000010" Default="0x00000000" />
<PROPERTY Label="aa_selector" Value="0x10000000" Default="0x00000000" />
<PROPERTY Label="aa_feature_bits" Value="0x00000044" Itemtype="predefined" Default="0x00000000" />
<PROPERTY Label="af_default" Value="0x00000001" Default="0x00000001" />
<PROPERTY Label="vsync_default" Value="0x08416747" Default="0x60925292" />
<PROPERTY Label="multichip_rendering_mode" Value="0x02C0000D" Default="0x00000004" />
<PROPERTY Label="image_settings" Value="0x00000000" Default="0x00000000" />
<PROPERTY Label="trilinear_optimization" Value="0x00000000" Default="0x00000000" />
<PROPERTY Label="aniso_optimization" Value="0x00000001" Default="0x00000000" />
<PROPERTY Label="aniso_sample_optimization" Value="0x00000001" Default="0x00000000" />
<PROPERTY Label="d3d_negative_lod_bias_status" Value="0x00000001" Default="0x00000000" />
<PROPERTY Label="hybrid_rendering_mode" Value="0x00000001" Itemtype="predefined" Default="0x00000000" />

try importing that as a nhancer profile. copy&paste it into notepad and make sure its file extension is a .nhprofile

03-13-09, 12:13 PM
I will try this when I get home. I did fiddle with nHancer using some people's recommended settings and it didn't work, but this might.

Also, my specs:

QX6850 @ 3.33ghz
4gb pc1066 ram Corsair
Dual 8800 ultras @ stock
Vistsa home premium 64-bit

03-13-09, 08:42 PM
Not sure why but I still get better fps in single GPU mode... sigh