View Full Version : Video drivers won't install in Win 7

03-13-09, 03:35 PM
Trying to update my notebook (hp DV9623CL) with the video drivers after a fresh 7048 X86 install.

I've downloaded a few different versions of the nvidia win 7 drivers and the vista 32 drivers for this model from hp and used the modded inf file from laptopvideo2go.com to have them install but for some reason, even after reboot, it always defaults back to "standard vga adaptor" as the video adaptor.

I tried to uninstall the device, reboot and then it automatically goes and re-installs it using the generic VGAPNP.sys driver instead of asking me if I wanted to show it other drivers.

so I'm sort of at a loss as far as how to get the right drivers on this system. The very first thing I tried to do was run windows update, it of course found them (Geforce 7150M integrated) and said the update failed with error code 80070103.

One thing worth noting is that event viewer is showing a PNPDriverImportError with the driver install and are pointing at nv_display.inf as the culprit. And says Response: Not Available.

I have no idea what the problem could be but if I can't find an answer to the display driver problem here, I'll have no choice but to back down to XP or vista :(

EDIT: Ok WTF I did a right click update driver in device manager and instead of pointing it to the specific nvidia folder, I just told it to blindly grope the C drive for something better and it found them... hm.. oh well.. yay I guess.