View Full Version : Ninja Gaiden Sigma II coming to PS3

03-17-09, 06:16 AM
So looks like the PS3 is getting a port of NG2 with added content... I personal never liked the series but its ncie that fans who don't own an X360 can get it now.


Wonder if their will be a graphical difference since we know going from X360 to PS3 usually sucks....

03-17-09, 09:02 AM
Sounds great to me. I am most likely buying it. The first Sigma was a well done remake so I hope the same holds true with the sequel.

03-17-09, 09:54 AM
the xbox version was a lot of fun, and very frustrating at the same time... you know typical gaiden stuff.

03-17-09, 10:33 AM
From this article: http://www.mcvuk.com/news/33560/Ninja-Gaiden-II-heading-to-PS3

it says it will be a PSN title which sound a bit messed up. That is a min of ~6 gigs IIRC for the original XB360 game + how ever much they add to it.

03-17-09, 11:55 AM
Could be burnout released a psn version.

03-17-09, 03:58 PM
Yet another reason for me to sell my 360 and be a PC/PS3 gamer.

03-17-09, 05:20 PM
was Part II for Xbox 360 any good?

03-17-09, 05:33 PM
was Part II for Xbox 360 any good?
I liked it. But I thought it was harder than the first NG game. I ended up buying it even after I finished it through normal mode once when I rented it. The next difficultly level feels significantly harder than normal mode that I am barely through the first part of the first chapter :).

03-24-09, 09:05 AM
It is coming in Q4 2009 and it is probably going to be best ninja game (nana2)

First trailer

Slightly better graphics, extra playable character(momiji looks pretty :o) and online co-op mode :eek:They may also include some extra weapons, boss battles

GS first look:

03-25-09, 08:35 PM
Oooh this is great news :D
I love all the ninja gaiden games both for original xbox ps3 and ng2 on 360.

I do hope they make a good port. Kinda ringed a bit bad in sigma when loading message poppsup all of a sudden even with hdd install >_<

Mr. Hunt
03-25-09, 11:41 PM
Yeah... the added coop is definitely making me want to buy this again.

03-26-09, 11:46 AM
It is not just a port. It has lot of things like GS said 30% more. Look at the key features from worthplaying.com :cool: