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06-07-03, 05:31 PM
a couple weeks ago, i bought this xfx ti4200 of newegg:


it's the one with vivo, and was retailing for 122 shipped. it was the cheapest 128 meg 4200 card at the time (yes, i'm now kicking myself for not waiting a few weeks and getting a better card. also, when i bought it, all reviews were positive).

anyway, the card itself works pretty well. but it shiped with 4ns ram running at 513 megahertz, and is not comfortable to touch at this stock speed. i oc'ed it to 530, highest ultra-stable clock, and its burning up. also, the gpu cooler is getting pretty damn hot too. i think its this thing that's acting as a heater for my system.

i'm not really interested in returning it, because i dont want to go back to my mx440. but i was wondering if some ramsinks and a new gpu cooler would make a difference, or even just the ramsinks. the ramsinks i'm thinking of are here:

and the gpu cooler is here:

so anywayz, i was wondering if these would at least keep the card cooler, and should i choose to overclock, if they would let me oveclock it more. right now, both the gpu heatsink and ram chips are pretty uncomfortable to touch at stock frequencies.

06-07-03, 06:16 PM
The GPU heatsink is supposed to be hot if the chip is really hot, or it wouldn't be doing its job. :)

A new heatsink and ramsinks would indeed help make the card cooler, and potentially raise its tolerance for higher clocks, but they don't change the amount of heat being produced, only the efficiency of transferring it to the case.

To see if better cooling components would be worthwhile for overclocking, you might want to try investigating what kind of clocks your Ti4200 is capable of by temporarily using a house fan to cool it as much as possible while overclocking it. :)

06-07-03, 09:07 PM
okay, i'll try that house fan thing.....but yea, my main concern is heat transfer to my case, which is at the moment, very bad....there's always hot air coming out of it, even if it's only been on a few minutes.

06-08-03, 03:46 AM
okay, i think im just gonna get the ramsinks and then buy a dual-fan psu.....besides, my 250w is generic crap, so this will last my system longer. antec 400w are on sale at compusa.....hmmm.

06-08-03, 08:06 AM
I had an XFX 4200 as well, but the ram came clocked at 445Mhz.What I did was cut the heatsink of my old PII and used it as ramsinks. I managed to take the memory to 580.BTW its rated 4ns. :)

06-08-03, 04:52 PM
Originally posted by Lfctony
I had an XFX 4200 as well, but the ram came clocked at 445Mhz.What I did was cut the heatsink of my old PII and used it as ramsinks. I managed to take the memory to 580.BTW its rated 4ns. :)

lol....yea, i have the same card u have, but w/ updated bios i think, cause its stock at 513mhz, but still has the 4ns ram. sadly, i dont have a pentium 2 coler, but i'll just get some ramsinks some time.

edit: just looked at a website for a local comp store, and they have some P2 coolers in stock for 2.99 each......;)
damn, those heatsinks are huge! i gotta take a close look at those.

06-08-03, 08:07 PM
with the coolers i looked at, they had a small fan attatched and a massive heatsink, so im assuming that i can just unscrew the fan (or even keep it on if it has a passthrough cable....ultra cooling!)
Lfctony, how exactly did you attatch the heatsink part of the cooler to the ram? did u use a thermal paste, or what? or if i buy a retail cooler, will i just be able to stick it on? cause i saw some cheapass aluminum ramsinks at compusa for 10 bucks for a pack of two (ripoff) and they just had a thermal adhesive for simple application. thx for the help.

06-12-03, 02:12 AM
just bought a Thermaltake g4 cooler for my xfx 128meg 4200ti and it works sweet. Came with ram sinks, they didnt fit though ...so I filed them down and cut them to size. the thermo tape worked great.
The fan works alot better. I only repalced the original hs and fan because the xfx on got noisy.



06-12-03, 11:46 PM
yea, thanks....ive seen those at compusa and other local stores i have around here......will i have major trouble with the ramsinks (as the ram cooling is my major concern)? will they cover all eight chips total without too much modding? i've never applied thermal goop or any cooling solutions b4....is it that hard?
thx for the responses guys.

06-12-03, 11:54 PM
Why don't you use thermal tape (3M, Shin Etsu) to attach the ramsinks?

06-13-03, 12:32 AM
the ramsinks that im looking at that aren't in the thermaltake package come width adhesive already on them, and the thermaltake ones come with thermal tape so i actually have no problems with the ramsinks, but instead with the cooler itself....i've never removed a heatsink/fan and put one back on b4...maybe its easier than i think.

06-13-03, 08:16 AM
Installing the Heat sink and fan is the easy part. all you need are some plyers. Just squeeze the ends of the push pins and it will pop right off.
Clean the chip off with alcohol and qtips and reapply the new goop. Then put the new heat sink and fan on and push the pins through the holes. EASY!

06-13-03, 05:10 PM
sweet! thanks dude. i'll get that thermal take cooler then, and hopefully the ramsinks will fit fine. i'll probably pick it up sometime this weekend....i'll post results or problems later.

06-14-03, 06:17 PM
today, i picked up some of compusa's aluminum ramsinks. i picked them over the thermaltake cooler because the thermaltake was rediculously expensive, the gpu cooler itself on my card doesn't get that hot at stock speeds, and the aluminum ramsinks match my cooler perfectly. they seem to help some....they still get really really hot (tho not as hot as the ram chips themselves used to) and the heat coming off the card isn't as extreme. i'll try some oc'ing later.
the one thing that pissed me off is that i forgot there were...uh....capacitors?...between the two ram chips on the front of the card, so i'm gonna see if i can saw the ramsinks in half and apply them to each chip individually.

06-15-03, 06:53 PM
oc'ed to 290/550 so far. no problems so far.

this is probably where it'll stay, unless i feel adventerous or just get bored over the summer. i gain about 10 fps in UT2k3 antalus flyby, and about 300 3dmarks. not a great overclock, but it makes a difference.....and it's noticeable in ut2k3.

edit: actually, u know what, i never thought about it this way....since the card's actual stock is 444 mhz memory, i just got a 106 mhz overclock. not bad, eh? :D

06-16-03, 11:26 AM
Thanks for the update... us Xfxers have to keep together:afro: