View Full Version : SBA does it really do anything?

08-30-02, 09:28 AM
does this feature really do anything, and the fast select option?

Is there an affirmative article out that mentions whether these settings are worth setting with NV Max or anything. I appreciate your feedback.

08-30-02, 12:18 PM
I posted pretty good explanations here at nvnews board before it crashed/was hacked or something so it's gone. But here's the story (I have it elsewhere as a sticky :) ):

Sideband Addressing is one of the most important AGP features for improving performance. To understand how this helps the performance picture, first consider how a typical memory interface works. The interface will either send or receive data. If data is being sent to a 3D accelerator from system memory, and the accelerator is concurrently requesting another piece of data from memory, the normal sequence would be to process one request at time without overlap.

For example, consider that geometry data is being sent to the 3D accelerator from memory. While this is taking place, the graphics subsystem determines a texture is needed from system memory. To process the command for the texture to be sent, the geometry download must be stopped; the request must be sent and then the download can continue. This negatively impacts performance.

Sideband Addressing works by giving a separate channel for sending commands. So in the same situation, the geometry download would take place while the command was being sent, thus eliminating the serialization of data and command transfers.

Here's the link for other explanations like AGP bus, DIME and FW.


It's finnish board but those explanations are in english.

08-31-02, 05:03 AM
I haven't seen it do anything for people.
They don't even have it in AGP 3.0 (8x)

08-31-02, 02:02 PM
Why can't I enable sba and fastwrites on my system?

I can't do it in the BIOS (there is no option for it), and I cant do it in the driver level.

I have a Pentium3, with and ABIT SA6r mobo and an ASUS gf2 GTS Deluxe

09-04-02, 07:38 AM
This is exactly what I mean. 1 person speaks highly of it while another slams it down or fails to find proof that it does anything.

Thanks very much for your answer Renzo and for your input SavagePaladin and Corporal Dan if it aint in your bios chances are high that you don't support it. My old system didnt support it either...

Thanks again, I'll experiment then and check with 3dMark...