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03-20-09, 04:40 PM
Tripwire Interactive (Red Orchestra makers) sent out a press release announcing Killing Floor, a first-person co-op survival horror game to be released via Steam "in the near future."
The game features:

- Co-op game mode for up to six players obliterating multiple waves of specimens
- Solo game mode for offline play
- Watch those crucial and violent creature deaths in slomo 'ZEDtime', even in multiplayer
- 9 different monster types trying to eat your face off, armed with everything from teeth and claws, through to chainsaws, chainguns and rocket-launchers
- 12+ weapons for the players to chose from, ranging from knives and fire-axes up to pump shotguns, rifles and a flamethrower
- Add in a welder, medical tools and body armor to help the players survive
- Persistent Perks system, allowing players to convert their in-game achievements into permanent improvements to their character's skills and abilities
- Players choose which Perks to play with, so they can best balance out a co-op team to survive the horrors
- Open, non-linear play areas: choose when and where to fight or run; weld doors closed to try and direct the monster horde
- Full support for Steamworks features, including Steam Achievements and Friends
- Fully-configurable, allowing players to change things as simple as the difficulty level or number of creature waves, or go so far as to set up their own favorite waves of monsters
- Includes SDK for the creation of new levels and mods


03-20-09, 05:00 PM

I'm interested.

03-20-09, 05:02 PM
Sounds pretty cool to me.

Its good to see so many interesting games coming from smaller studios and mod teams.

I was just playing the demo of a game on steam called Larva Mortus. Its like a top view action game with RPG elements, missions and lots of power ups. Its really a fun game for something so simple.

03-20-09, 05:20 PM
The original mod was alright back in the day.

bob saget
03-20-09, 05:50 PM
source engine?

03-20-09, 07:38 PM
Red Orchestra was best WWII MP game I ever played!

03-20-09, 07:49 PM
It's hard to get excited about something that's introduced with bullet pointed features. It sounds like something EA would do.

03-20-09, 07:50 PM
It's Tripware mane their last game was awesome

03-20-09, 08:49 PM


03-20-09, 08:52 PM
source engine?

Unreal Engine 2.5

03-21-09, 03:45 AM
Looks nice, I love zombie coop games

bob saget
03-21-09, 02:29 PM
Unreal Engine 2.5

which was the last game to have this engine?

03-21-09, 03:23 PM
which was the last game to have this engine?

The last splinter cell I think:thinker:

03-21-09, 05:13 PM
What?! No console version. I'm appalled.

03-21-09, 05:20 PM
Unreal 2.5 still looking pretty decent considering the competition.

03-21-09, 05:21 PM
Unreal 2.5 still looking pretty decent considering the competition.

Best thing is that its going to play smooth.