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03-23-09, 08:16 PM

101C! :D

Been at that temp for 10 minutes for sure, maybe 20 minutes even. I can say "technically" there should not be anything wrong at all as the card is at stock clocks and the fan is at 100%.

I find this pretty cool (not temperature-wise :bleh: :p) - as I can probably burn myself if I touch the card for too long. The thing is - once I was playing BF2 and the fan seemed to stop working, the GPU was at, I think, 105C and was like :afraid::scarey: :p - turned the computer off, took the case side off and and blew some unheated air onto it with a heater.

But now I', like :afro:, even though 100C is a bit hot. Probably because it is not so new now, and does not cost the 400 that it did when it was released. :o

03-23-09, 10:59 PM
hot load testing!

03-23-09, 11:25 PM
Wow that's hot. Do you have any airflow in the case?

03-24-09, 04:30 AM
Wow that's hot. Do you have any airflow in the case?

I do lol. AFAIR it does note get above 90C in games.

03-24-09, 07:08 PM
UPDATE: (writing this again as I accidentally clicked on a bookmark and all my text disappeared, damn.)

Basically I took the heatsink and the plastic cover off the 8800GTX, I saw a lump of dust on the side of the HS nearest to the fan. I took the lump of dust off and blew the remains out. I took all of the thermal white pads off and all of the stock thermal paste and applied the Zalman Super Thermal Grease to everything - the GPU and the RAM chips.

I ran Furmak at 1280x1024 and with 16xAA with the video card overclocked to 621/1458/2052. Temperature after about 20 minutes was at about 86C and no visible artifacts were present. Granted the window was open and the case side was off, but still not bad.

Now I'm slightly paranoid about coming to contact with the thermal paste. :p

EDIT: I just left Furmark on for about 4 hours, clocks shown in the RT window.