View Full Version : We need petition against

03-24-09, 07:06 PM
forcing publishers installation of DX redist, VS redist and .NET redist on our machines. Everytime before i install game i copy install files and i delete all that crap.

DX redist will overwrite any of your dx installation. It's not like web install and it quits after detection of dx version. Redist will copy file everytime and it will overwrite your newer versions with older files. VS redist installation does the same, creates double entries under add remove programs. Ubisoft even pushes .NET installation. First of all they can't do that, they have no right to mess up with our machines. They need to inform users what they are about to do and give you option yes/no. If .net components are essential for game...don't push them if they detect Vista, cause Vista already comes with .NET 3.0. Pushing 200Mb installation of .NET 3.5 is big **** up they are creating cause average Joe does not know what **** up that install can do to his machine if something doesn't go right especially directly from DVD. I am .NET programmer, i have visual studio installed with sp1 .net 3.5. Now i need stupid Ubisoft to push that thing on my machine and **** up my .net environment with no reason???

That's why i remove all this support crap and install game.