View Full Version : Detonator 40 series are dark in OpenGL games compared to 30.82?

06-08-03, 11:16 PM
I was using 30.82, and was very happy with my game's performance. I play actualy Quake 3 and Counter Strike, mostly.

Then I was reading about how great 44.03 was, and I gave it a try. Uninstalled the 30.82 (using the WinXP unistall tool), rebooted and then installed 44.03 driver.

All went smooth, I rebooted my PC and loaded Counter Strike.
Man, that was it... it was so dark that I can't even play it anymore! Some of my friends that tried it just had the same problem, and most of them downgraded to 30.XX detonators. Is this darkness really an issue of 40.XX series, should I downgrade too, or is there anything I can do to continue using this drive release AND be actually able to play OpenGL games without using a gamma correction software like PowerStrip?

Thanks for ANY help or suggestion.

06-09-03, 02:07 AM
I believe that in the 3x.xx drivers nvidia was increasing the brightness/gamma of games via the drivers, but in 4x.xx the birghtness/gamma is controlled by the game itself.

You can always tweak things like gamma in the game itself and use the newer drivers. Most OGL games with a console have a gamma command that can be set. in Counter-Strike for example that command is "gamma x" where x is the amount of gamma you want.

06-09-03, 11:15 AM
Just use the colour correction tab to set a gaming "profile", with ramped up gamma and DV. Then set up a default windows "profile" with normal gamma and no DV (or some if you like it like that). Save them both, and apply the windows profile at startup. Then right click your Media Centre icon to switch between the two when playing dark games.

I find it much better this way, I have 2 gaming profiles for use in different games. :)