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03-30-09, 10:40 PM
Audio on my PC keeps fading out to low a low volume then comes back loud then goes soft again... so freaken annoying... I download the latest x-fi drivers about 3 weeks ago and that didn't fix it... any idea???

Any thoughts on how to diagnose track down the problem, I've tried turning off all apps and it doesn't go away!! I think it's this garbage audio card that I paid like $80 crap bucks for, last time I every touch Creative if I can prove its the card... everyone told me get a good audio card it makes such a difference, I'm so pissed right now all I want to do is strangle those people... don't have a second machine I can swap it too, going to try taking the card out and going off mobo audio unless someone else can recommend better ideas...

Here's my sound card:

Here's where I got the latest drivers..

Any help would be appreciated...



03-30-09, 11:05 PM
Your links are bad (the actual link got shortened the same way the text version did).

Does the same thing happen of you plug in a pair of headphones to the card and listen that way?

This dosn't sound like a driver issue, either your speakers are malfunctioning or your video card is.

And no computer hardware is perfect..things break down.

03-30-09, 11:38 PM
hmm imagine that its gone, here's pretty close:


It's only like 4 months old...

Havent tried headphones, I'll give that a try... I tried to go to mobo audio but the stupid x-fi drivers are overiding all my mobo drivers and I can't even select it from the audio section in the sound area of the control panel...

speaker worked fine for 4 years before comp upgrade, I have hard time believing it's speakers but I'll try another pair just for shiits n giggles...

04-11-09, 12:03 AM
Finally pulled out my sound card and changed to my onboard mobo audio, was a pain getting my onboard to recogonize the drivers cause the x-fi drivers disabled onboard audio in hardware devices section, kind of buried in systems area of hardware device panel... anyways all I can say is :

FUK U Creative and FUK U xFi!!! never never will I touch a creative product again...

Also, just in playing music files at high volumes, at low sound spots in the songs the x-fi card was giving me a hissing sound, that is now also gone with my mobo onboard audio... I had the very latest x-fi drivers and every control panel told me the POS sound card was working properly...

I'm so glad I have normal sound back again, I can't tell you :) :)


04-11-09, 12:07 AM
Now I'm not sure what to do with the card, I wonder if it works fine in another system, don;t have another system to try it out on... I'd like to sell it on craigs list but don't want to sell someone a lemon... thoughts...


04-11-09, 12:13 AM
My first X-Fi sound card I bought was working fine then one day I started to get static and the volume would get real low.I took it out and reset it and loaded the drivers and it worked fine for a day or two then it started it again,fineally just decided my card was bad .I got a new one and it has worked fine for over a year.