View Full Version : Ongoing Quadro 450 card<--> Dell display problem...

04-03-09, 07:24 AM
Running a Quadro 450 on a windows XP 64 box with three monitors: two samsung and one dell SE198wfp and the displayport to DVI cables. Latest driver from 03/09 is installed. Upon startup, the dell is not recognized. I am guessing this is in GPU #2 slot. If in the primary slot (accessing GPU #1), no displays are recognized. I have been able to get all three monitors to work intermittently by switching off/on the dell upon startup but this is no permanent fix as it is not working now. For some reason, the display goes immediately into power save mode (w/i 2 secs). The only display driver available from the manufacturer is installed and there is no place on the unit itself to shut off power save thru the software. I do have the power save off in the WXP-->power settings.

TIA, Vince