View Full Version : Invisible NVIDIA Control Panel

04-04-09, 03:49 AM
For some reason, the control panel does not open a window. It does start, and appears in the task bar but nothing is shown on desktop. Updating the driver to 182.50 did not help, so I assume its a matter of some settings in the control panel itself. How can I access the settings without control panel? Is there anything else to try?

Problem solved, I could access display settings from Vista control panel. The desktop was extended to second GPU although I don't recall changing this setting. Nvcpl was opened on the extended desktop (not connected to any display), so no wonder it was invisible :)

04-04-09, 08:11 PM
I assume that it shows up on the taskbar, because if so, the nV Control Panel window is displaying somewhere off of the screen. Try using the Window Move command and the cursor keys to get at least a sliver of it back on screen. Then drag it back to a proper location.

04-05-09, 08:35 AM
i had the exact same problem with 185.66... none of the 182 drivers did this

04-05-09, 12:41 PM
Probably a bug, as it should obey the rules of showing up on the active screen per default.