View Full Version : Odd hdmi issue

04-05-09, 05:55 PM
Hi, ive got everything plugged into my Sony 40W2000 hdtv via hdmi with help by a hdmi splitter which is plugged into the second hdmi port of the tv. so far playing games doesnt seem to cause a problem but watching films seems to cause a loss of connection.

If i watch films on my pc or films through my 360's HDdvd player the picture goes black then appears again. watching HDdvds the 360 reports that the HDCP link has been restored when the picture returns.

Ive plugged the 360 directly into the 2nd hdmi port and it does the same thing so i dont think the switch is at fault.

Any ideas of what could be causing this problem? im guessing theres something up with my tv's hdmi port :( but if i plug the ps3 directly into the 2nd port it seems to work ok so i dont know what going on.

Thanks :)