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04-06-09, 01:51 PM
I been looking at power supplies that would run three GTX280 and was'nt wanting to spend $300 .Has anyone heard of ABS Targan BZ 1100watt or the XCLIO GreatPower 1200w,FSP Everest Pro 1200,Tuniq Ensemble 1200w,I wanted the BFG Tech EX-1200w but I can't find one.I am also looking at the Cooler Master RSB00-AAAAA3 1100watt it looks to be good.

04-06-09, 02:12 PM
Grab the Corsair 1000HX very solid


edit, fixed ;)

04-06-09, 02:17 PM

Anyway... Go for the most effecient one you can get. Don't bother with the 1K PSU's, Even TriSLi wont use nearly that much.


I recommend anything with a Silver Effeciency rating at 850w. You would be set with that even at quadsli.

04-06-09, 05:36 PM
Yeah go for the Corsair as everyone loves it. it even beats the good Thermaltake 1200W PSU. as one reviewer said its really a 1200W PSU so you cant go wrong!

I myself have it!

04-11-09, 12:53 AM
I just did'nt want to take a chance on a 850watt power supply running a i7 system and three GTX 280's .I just dont think the Corsair 850w would handle three,I know it would be great for just two GTX 280's. I went with the Cooler Master Ultimate 1100watt and it's silver rateing and the reviews I looked at it got around 88% Efficiency and seem to have no problem running three GTX 280's and everthing else you could throw at it.It has 3-8pin PCIe connectors and 6-6pin PCIe connectors and a 8pin ESP12v and two 4pin ESp12v.I guess I will find out but it is build solid.It goes good with my Cooler master HAF 932 case.