View Full Version : No signal on 24" LG TFT if connecting to HDMI

04-08-09, 04:52 AM

I did not use the monitor menu correctly. The LG has a menu button and a Auto-set button. I thought I would have to chose the menu-button. Damn, I hate days like these where problems are really so easy to solve. A wonderful example for pebkac. :-)


I have seen some similar threads concerning my topic, but none matched it.

I have a 9500GT with one DVI, standard VGA and one HDMI port. On the DVI I have connected a Nec 19" TFT and on the HDMI I have connected my 24" LG.

Using Vists, I chose the desktop settings and saw that the monitor was recognized correctly. I have told the OS that I want TwinView and 1920x1200 on the 24". I applied the setting, but the screen kept dark.

I can chose the source on the TFT. There is RGB, DVI and HDMI. None is working (with HDMI).

The same happens under Linux Ubuntu 9.04 (beta) latest Nvidia driver installed. I can do twinview, but the screen stays black.

I do not understand how the OSes can read the vendor string but the screen is not working over HDMI.

Is this a known bug?

Exchanging the 9500GT with my 9800GTX and connectiong both over DVI, everything is doing fine (except my energy bill :-) ).

Any help is welcome and thanks in advance for helping me.


04-08-09, 03:50 PM
I treid the 9500GT again. This time connecting the 19" via Sub-D and the 24" via DVI.

So is it a HDMI problem? I have attached a bug report created under Linux.