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09-02-02, 09:20 PM
Okay, I'm rather pleased with these drivers so far, but on performance only. It seems that a bunch of stuff is broken (i.e. o/c sliders), but the performance is outstanding. I just ran 3DM2k1SE, and got 6015 with the default 270/400 of my GF4 440MX when my previous best was 6005 with it o/c'd to 310/430. The previous default settings score was 5732.

That's all from here....off to try these babies out with some games.

09-02-02, 10:21 PM
I have had great luck with these drivers, my 3dmark2001SE score went from 9845 to 10440 (previous were 30.82). All my games work great so far.

09-02-02, 11:15 PM
Performed a fresh re-install of 30.x drivers, artifacts are gone:)
wait till they get the bugs out of 40.x and redeploy!

There was not really that much difference anyway, more adjustments, etc.

As with most beta releases it will soon be good.


512 DDR 2700
P4 2.26 512K
PNY 4400

09-02-02, 11:57 PM
I've been playing the thing, its alright, but kind of short. Has alot of bugs too. But it was fun.

09-03-02, 08:37 AM
Has anyone tried UT in D3D mode with these drivers?


09-03-02, 03:24 PM
Anyone have distorted or corrpupt textures with CUBIC Mapping and the 40.41's? One of my favorite games is Collin McRae Rally 2.0. Great game w/ great visuals. Always ran w/ CUBIC mapping option turned on with the 30.82's and all was fine, installed the 40.41's (after uninstalling 30.82's) and the reflections in the Car rear windows is distorted. All other mapping options seem fine, but the CUBIC option is screwed.

Also -- with MS Combat Flight Simulator, I get flashing textures in the ****pit view. Again -- no issues with the 30.82's.

Looks like the 40.41's need a little work! :(

BTW -- the games seems to run quite nicely, even w/ Aniso and AA truned on with the 40.41's, seemed sluggish w/ the 30.82's. The 40.41's are generally pretty good for Beta and the spped increases are such that I am looking forward to the final product !! :D

09-03-02, 09:16 PM
my specs and my 3dmark...

det 40.41 rocks..nuff said.

09-03-02, 09:53 PM
Texture flashing in some games is the general problem-its a great driver for increasing performance, but it is still a beta release. At least we can see what to expect with the gold release-hopefully minus the flashing.

I have redeployed to the 30.82, and no more texture flashing. It will be good soon.


09-03-02, 10:53 PM
my 3dmark score went from 6179 to 6301. better than nothing.

09-04-02, 07:19 AM
I thought I try these new drivers and see what 3dmark was like.
Well great graphics but the game play sucks, very repetative and unresponsive. I played for a couple of hours and my score kept changing but not by much.

Now seriously, nearly all the games I play use OpenGL and my current grx card doesn't have pixel shaders. Plus none of the games I'm playing use pixel shaders.
So these drivers don't have any performance effect for me, nor for most people to be honest. Apart from improving your meaningless 3dMark scores on GF3 and Gf4Ti cards, you'll have to wait to get any real benefit from these drivers, by which time another set will have been released.

I did try a real game to test with. My FPS don't seem too different playing SOF2 Online but Q3 was darker, the textures weren't as sharp and the FPS only increased by a 1 or 2. Not exactly a step forward.

The new User Interface is better thou. The Coolbits setting for the AGP settings didn't work for me. The AGP form appears but none of the settings work and most are ghosted.

My Rig:
CPU Pentium 4 2.2Ghz
Mem 256MB DDR
Gfx GeForce 2 Ti 64MB DDR
Snd SB Live! Player 5.1
O/S XP Pro

Waiting for Nv30 :)

09-05-02, 04:30 PM
GTA 3 sux with det 40...

...1 fps?

But otherthings were fantastic!

09-06-02, 07:30 AM
Well, it seems I am the only one who had trouble with the 40.41 when playing divx5.0.2 movies in winxp's media player. What's funny is that it plays well in good old mplayer2.exe however. Just in case somebody else have this problem, I solved it by installing windows media player 9 (the public beta version).

I also noticed a few flashes on textures, but it happened only in game menus so it's more a minor annoyance than a real problem for me - I'll stick to 40.41 beta for now. Hum... Finally, betas are pretty stable those days, hey? I'm running a beta player with beta drivers on a beta .Net os, and those texture flashes are the most important problem I end up with! Overall, it's a rather pleasant surprize... :)

09-07-02, 07:06 AM
Originally posted by JohnsonLKD
GTA 3 sux with det 40...

...1 fps?

But otherthings were fantastic!

would that be with 2x or quincunx AA mode? I also experienced that but only with those 2 AA settings. Let me know. If so, post please post your specs too.

09-15-02, 01:22 AM
Originally posted by Mr. Blue


Thanks for the post. However, I believe that something here is wrong with my setup. I just bought a new Dell Dimension 8200 witwh GF4Ti4200. I get these settings (after Det. 4 is installed):

-GeForce4ti 4200
- nView Display Mode
- 3D AntiAlias Settings
- Overlay Control
- NVRotate
- Clock Frequencies
- AGP Settings

So this is my dilema!:) I got the Clock Frequencies and AGP settings by using the script Coolbits. I need to somehow enable:

OpenGL Settings
Direct3D Settings
Desktop Utilities

I suspect that this Dell configuration is somehow blocking these from the registry.

Any further help would be appreciated..


mr blue..i got the direct3d and open gl settings to show up on my dell... this is how i did it. OPEN LOCAL HARD DRIVE(usually c:drive)..and look for yellow folder named "DRIVERS"...open it up and there should be about three other yellow folders..look for one named "VIDEO"..open it up and send to recycle bin any drivers version in there.( i just deleted the whole folder because it only had refference to some 2745 drivers )..after that uninstall your current drivers from add/ remove programs then reboot. then reinstall the 30.82 drivers(3082 are better for now than 4041's)..then reboot again and all the tabs should be in additional properties of video card display. it least it worked for me. ***make sure antivirus is off or disabled when installing new drivers for some reason dell threw in these 2745 drivers that always seemed to leave behind piece's of themself's whenever i changed drivers the were never really gone, but the 2745's are gone now and everything is the way is should be. after you change your drivers u may need to reinstall "REFORCE TOOL" for fixing the 60mhz refresh rate monitor problems. you know what the refresh force tool is all about right? let me know if it worked for you.

09-15-02, 02:43 AM
I'd just like to ask if anyone has found the same problem as me.

The new 40:41 drivers are not 100% backwardly compatible.

I have alot of tech demos and I enjoy the demoscene with over 300 demos on my HD. I'd guess around 15-20% of them fail either at the start or half way through with a 'Visual basic C++' type error.

I've tried 5 times now to get these new drivers to work on my system, even doing a fresh format and install of WinXP to ensure nothing was messed up. But I get the same each time.

The original X-Isle demo (not the newer educational one) won't run either. The new Clone demo crashes, even GL Excess benchmark fails to run about of the way in.

I agree with all other comments that have been posted. Yes they are faster, yes my 3DMark score is better etc etc But they are NOT fully backwardly compatible with all other games/software. It could be that the older drivers were better at handling poorly written software, but I've gotta stick with the older drivers cos I need my daily dose of demos:D

This is an issue that Nvidia must address before these BETA drivers become official ones. I guess that over the years the older drivers have had alot of fixes and tweaks to overcome problems in games with each new version released. These new drivers have been written from the ground up and do not have any of these tweaks or fixes.

If anyone has found the same sort of compatability problems with older programs, please let me know. And if you have found a fix too;) I thought I would aire my views as so many forums seem to focus on 3DMarks, Code Creatures and game benchmarks but no mention of this problem is covered.

thecaretaker: http://www.thecaretakers.net

09-17-02, 07:27 PM
caretaker, I'd have to agree with you on the lack of backward compatibility.

EA's F1-2002 stopped working completely, it gets as far as the splash screen then drops back to the desktop with no error messages. Rolling back to the 3x.xx series drivers resolved the issue.

It's quite a shame they're having these problems since the new nView utility is quite a step forward.

09-17-02, 11:30 PM
Even the latest and greatest games seem to be having problems with these drivers. Have a look HERE (http://www.ina-community.com/forums/announcement.php?forumid=214#nvidia)

Unreal Tournament 2003 is having problems with them. Maybe Nvidia will get it fixed after all before final release:D

09-18-02, 07:00 AM
Bad brightness and contrast in Quake 3.

Insane Texture Flashing in Battfield 1942.

These are possibly the worst drivers ive ever used.

30.82's are fine.

09-18-02, 07:25 AM
Maybe i missed it somewhere in this thread, but my personnel opinion is that the newer drivers ( Det 4's ) are not very good for the older cards, GeForce 2 GTS.
Wether or not you like 3DMark, my score dropped about 600 points, in my mind that most show something ?, also I was getting some problems in UT2003 demo.
Rolled back the driver last night, and the 600 points returned to my system, and No more probs in UT2003 demo.
Just my opinion but I know what I think of the new drivers.
so much for the 'promised' increase.

09-18-02, 08:19 AM
For some it's crap for others the 40.41's work great. i have had no probs in any games and my 3dmark score went up by over 900 points. The main thing though is that all of my games play better than they did. I haven't even had the dark screen in Q3 based games. I don't have UT3, but if it was the one to mess up, it would be the only one. EA F1 2002 works better than ever with setting to the max.

09-18-02, 02:45 PM
Originally posted by Agent31
caretaker, I'd have to agree with you on the lack of backward compatibility.

EA's F1-2002 stopped working completely, it gets as far as the splash screen then drops back to the desktop with no error messages. Rolling back to the 3x.xx series drivers resolved the issue.

It's quite a shame they're having these problems since the new nView utility is quite a step forward.

I agree, for the many demos and games that do work with them, they are much faster and smoother. But alas, there are quite a few that don't work. Let's hope they get it fixed when they go official.

BTW I'd better add my spec too

MSI K7T266 Pro 2 MB
2000XP psu
Running WindowsXP Home
Enermax Gold (twin fan) PSU
Creative GeForce3
Sound blaster live value
Hollywood Real Magic DVD/Mpeg card
Diamond Supra Express Pro 56i
Sony 16x/10x/40x CDR
Daewoo 710B 17" monitor
8x DVD (??)
Mustek 1200UB scanner
Lexmark Z11 printer

09-18-02, 05:22 PM
Originally posted by batterbrain101
EA F1 2002 works better than ever with setting to the max.
Consider yourself lucky that it works at all! did you install the 40.41s over the top of the old drivers, or was it a clean install?

Mine's not working at all after a clean install.

09-18-02, 09:22 PM
I installed them over the 30.82's. To tell you the truth, I have never done a "clean install" since getting WinXP. If I had a prob with the dets, I just rollback the drivers.

09-22-02, 04:08 AM
Just an update, I downloaded the UT2K3 beta and everything worked fine. Also tried the demo and had no problems. Every game I've run with the 40.41's has worked great. Don't understand all these problems others are having, yet a few of us have none.

09-22-02, 06:54 AM
my guess is they were released a little hastily, hence the long delay before the certified version... I guess we'll find out soon enough!