View Full Version : brand new pc built 1 week ago!

06-10-03, 06:19 AM
300 psu
large case
chaintech kt400 mob
athlon xp 2200
cooler up to 3.6 ghz
768 meg ddr mem
40 gig hard dirve
geforce 4 ti4800se
16x dvdrom
floppy disk drive
black speakers 2 satelite 1 subwoofer
standard keyboard and mouse

windows xp
notron 2003
games and software included(ask and ill install for you no extra chardge)

all for 650 uk pounds!

ask any question you want

06-10-03, 07:01 AM
act that wiv 2 40 gig hd's for 740 750 sent to you

06-11-03, 08:55 AM
ignore the second post i have edited the first that is what you will nowq get and it is ultra cheap!!!!!!

06-11-03, 04:01 PM
only look at 620 pound pc now