View Full Version : Creative X-Fi ExtremeMusic for $45 should I get it?

04-12-09, 11:20 PM
Creative is selling it for 45 bucks refurbished (http://us.creative.com/products/product.asp?product=16069), and I was wondering if I should make the purchase. I'm needing a decent sound card since I don't think my Realtek HD onboard is cutting it. I'd pop in my Audigy SE, but compared to my Realtek, it's just not worth the trouble right now, imo. Plus I'd have to plug everything in the rear which is a pain in the butt. I do play games, so would it be beneficial for the CMSS and EAX 5.0 HD?

I've gone through a big upgrade, and the only thing my system is lacking is a decent sound card me thinks.

Single Player
04-13-09, 02:02 AM
you got nice speakers? like z-5500 or something...

i had ExtremeMusic/ bought one 3 years ago for $70. Was ok.. enjoyed it!

04-13-09, 02:56 AM
I have Cambridge 5.1 speakers and a Plantronics gaming headset. I think I can live with the speakers and headset setup for now. :p I'll probably pick up another headset later as the wire is starting to get a bit munched up from my stupid chair wheel snags.

04-13-09, 06:16 AM
That's not a bad deal, especially since the Xtreme Music is a full X-Fi card, unlike the Xtreme Audio, which is nothing more than a re-branded Audigy 2.

04-13-09, 01:31 PM
I went ahead and got it. :D

It'll sure kick the hell out of my onboard and Audigy SE which the XtremeAudio basically is. The crazy thing is that Creative is selling the XtremeAudio for 10 dollars more than the XtremeMusic which imo, is a huuuge rip off. Refurbished or not, I would be pretty pissed off if I didn't know any better and got the XtremeAudio instead.

Mr Bigman
04-13-09, 06:42 PM
Its that card that had issues in the beginning but were resolved with the 07 set.

Not a bad deal but saw the xram editin for 59 at my church but i don't need it right now.

I have a bunch of fatilities and a asus xonar and a xfi prelude which blows them all away.