View Full Version : Wierd noise after Realtek Ethernet Vista driver update

04-13-09, 06:20 PM
I have a P5K-Deluxe and it has a Realtek Gigabit and Marvell. I always just used the Realtek. Today I updated the driver, as it constantly gets updates from Windows Update in Vista x64.

After I did the update, I started getting a wierd squealing sound when using Outlook and Firefox, sounding a lot like coil while. I can't figure out where it's coming from. So I reboot, it's still there.

I reboot again and switch to the Marvell, it gets the 2006 driver and the system is quiet. I updated the driver via Windows update to one dated 1/19/09.

All is quiet.

This is really strange....

Which gigabit ethernet port do you guys use?

EDIT: Also, according to the P5K-Deluxe manual, the uppermost port is Lan 1, which is the Marvell, Lan 2, is the Realtek. When I first set it up and was in the bios, the Realtek was top/first in the bios setting, so I enabled that (almost being more familiar with the Realtek name) and disabled the Marvell.