View Full Version : 8GB of Kingston Hyper X or Geil Black Dragon Evo One?

04-14-09, 06:07 AM
Both are going REALLY cheap right now. I'm going to get 8gb of one or the other but can't decide which is better.

Both are PC6400. 8GB. 4-4-4-12 timings. Lifetime warranty.

I like the look of the Kingston HyperX better:

But have heard really good things about Geils Black Dragon memory:

Should I just go with the HyperX cause it looks nicer in my windowed case? I'm guessing with identical speeds and timings that performance difference would be slim to nothing. But can't find any reviews that compare the two.

Oh, and the Kingston memory is also a little bit cheaper than the Geil!

04-14-09, 02:36 PM

I just order 2 of these for 8 Gb of ram not sure what they cost you in the UK.. but all the reviews looks good and the heatsinks looks nice