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04-14-09, 09:04 AM
I just upgraded the gpu in my aging P4 3ghz system from a GF3 Ti200 to a PowerColor HD2600XT AGP 512mb and am having a desktop resolution issue in XP SP3. It keeps defaulting back to 800x600 upon reboot, screensaver, or playing and exiting a game back to desktop. This also leaves the desktop icons squished to the left in a 800x600 area when I reset to my prefered 1280x960 desktop resolution through the ATI Catalyst control center or display properties. The only way to regain full movement of the icons is to log off and then log back on after manually resetting the screen resolution back to my prefered which sometimes works and other times just starts the cycle of reverting back to 800x600 all over again. (po)

A little history:

I removed the Nvidia driver prior to the removal and subsequent install of the ATI card. I also ran Driver Cleaner to remove any traces of Nvidia drivers. I have tried both the latest WinXP 32bit drivers from PowerColor's site and also the tried the latest ATI AGP hotfix 9.4 for XP. Nothing cures.

My dual boot of Win7 with default HD2600 drivers works fine with retaining my preferred desktop res @ 1280x960 between reboots, logging on/off, screensaver, & attempted gaming (Note: Of course no OpenGL support yet for my AGP in Win7 thus the 1 game I tested doesn't run :o)

I am convinced this is a software issue within WinXP - registry, policies, services not playing nice with this new card or something I had mucked with a while back with a refresh rate utility or whatnot with the Nvidia driver? HALP!

04-14-09, 05:23 PM
:thinker: Hey LaZer, Try this: http://redchaos.wordpress.com/2007/01/31/how-to-set-a-custom-resolution/

Setup your Vrefresh how you want it whilst in there.


Thanks, that did the trick! :thumbsup: