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04-15-09, 05:05 AM
This came out last week. I happened to find it while snagging updates for my re-built desktop machine. Release date of 04/09/09.


Release notes:

Optimized GPU PhysX compatibility and performance in the PC game Cryostasis.
Supports NVIDIA PhysX acceleration on all GeForce 8-series, 9-series and 200-series GPUs with a minimum of 256MB dedicated graphics memory.
Experience GPU PhysX acceleration in many games and demos, some of which are highlighted in PowerPack downloads on www.geforce.com.
Runtime upgrade ONLY for AGEIA PhysX processors users. (New installations should install older PhysX system software such as version 8.09.04 – prior to installing this update).
Includes the latest PhysX runtimes used in the latest game titles.
Supports NVIDIA PhysX acceleration on GeForce via CUDA 2.0 for SDK versions 2.7.3, 2.7.2, 2.7.5, 2.8.0 and 2.8.1 (requires graphics driver v177.81 or later).
Includes all the latest PhysX SDK Runtimes.
Supports control of your GPU PhysX configuration from the NVIDIA display driver control panel. (requires graphics driver v180.00 or later)

04-15-09, 06:20 AM
Thanks :)

04-15-09, 01:15 PM
this still installs the 909.02.03 version, did they forget to change build number?

04-15-09, 01:26 PM
this still installs the 909.02.03 version, did they forget to change build number?

Did you just install this version on top of your existing one? If so, try uninstalling and reinstalling. I put these on a fresh Windows install with no previous graphic or PhysX software, and it worked just fine.

04-15-09, 01:28 PM
yeah did an uninstall, can you actually check the version in nvidia control panel?

04-15-09, 01:59 PM
Interesting... the version number in file properties of the installer says 0203 as well as the version number in programs and features.

They do have *slightly* different file sizes however -

0203: 41,161,496 bytes
0408: 41,162,008 bytes

04-15-09, 02:06 PM
i can bet they forgot to change the version number when they compiled it.