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06-10-03, 10:42 AM

Ok i am trying to build the cheapest computer i can but still with good stuff. Like best bang for the buck! No this computer is not for me. Someone else who is on a very old computer without usb even. So any little upgrade will be a big step for them. Heck that computer is a P1 133 mhz, older ram slots + ram, etc. Though they did get the computer free.
Ok now the things i haven't decided on at all yet is the case, heatsink/fan, mobo, etc. Heck maybe just about the whole thing. I just tired to put together what i thought would be a pretty good computer for a really cheap price. The only things didn't choose and just added to make a estimate of the total cost was the case and heatsink/fan. So i know i am going to change those for a fact. I will change other stuff too if something is better and has more bang for the buck out of it. For example a lot more upgrade room on the mobo maybe. Thats only if the mobo isn't to expersive sense this person just want a cheap new computer. The things we won't need are speakers, monitor, video card, and maybe not a sound card sense most mobos have it onboard. This person is going to be using the computer for internet, email, loading pictures from a digital camera onto the computer, photo editing a little, music, etc. Nothing real heavy on the system.

Any suggestions or recommendations on a part is welcome and very appreicated. If you want to build a computer and show me what you think is the best cheap computer too then thats cool also.

Just to let you know i am trying to make it $400 or less or even $300. Though i don't want to go really cheap on stuff. As in quality wise or best bang for the buck.


06-10-03, 01:00 PM
Seems ok, some things I would suggest.
A better motherboard, you should be able to pick up a KT3Ultra pretty cheap, and these boards do support 333fsb cpus, I know cos Ive got one in mine ;)
You could get some cheap PC2700 ram, so if later they want to upgrade the cpu to a 333fsb cpu they dont need to change the ram also.
HSF, I would really suggest the CoolerMaster XDream, should be around $10-$15, comes with an adjustable fan, Ive got one and its really good even on slowest fan setting.
The XP1700 is a good little chip, the Barton2500+s are coming down in price also, under $100, maybe look at getting one of those?

As I said, that setup does look good, I just listed some other ideas into the mix for you ;)