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04-15-09, 02:40 PM
nHancer 2.5 beta (NVIDIA Profile Editor)
On this page you can download nHancer 2.5 beta (NVIDIA Profile Editor).
Version: 2.5 beta
Publisher: nhancer.com
Date added: 2009-04-16 01:19:39
File Size: 3 MB
OS Support: Windows XP/Vista 32 and 64-bit
License: Freeware
Downloads: 604 downloads
Software type: Videocards - Handy Utilities

Software Description

nVidia's own control panel is not always very intuitive to use. Especially the 3D rendering settings are very cryptic and difficult to navigate. Even the new control panel introduced with the 9x.xx line of Forceware drivers isn't a real improvements for these problems. nHancer is a tool to improve the usage of these features.

There's a new beta out of nHancer, which apparently addresses some important Forceware 185.xx issues.

But it's such a powerful and handy tool, even for the average guy. So another aspect of nHancer is to improve the handling of those profiles by adding many features that the normal control panel doesn't offer at all and improving the ones that it does offer.

Important notes
This version requires .NET 3.5! and ONLY works with drivers from the 185 series or those > than (e.g. 185.66/68, 186.xx, etc.)

Special handling of cards prior to the G80 (8x00 line) has been removed.

nHancer will still work with older cards, but not all Anti-Aliasing options will work correctly with them.

Please also note that this an early beta version that's primarily released so people can use nHancer with the latest GeForce drivers.

It can't damage your system in any way, but not all functions might work correctly and you might find bugs here and there.

Have fun!

Please uninstall your current version if you plan to upgrade to this beta. Be sure and SAVE your profiles that you have modified as well. More updates coming soon.

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04-15-09, 04:07 PM
ONLY works with drivers from the 185 series

very important part, those that found 185 to be very buggy and switched back to 182, don't update.