View Full Version : need help with sound corruption with detonator drivers

06-10-03, 11:23 AM
This is probably going to sound wierd but I swear its happening. I am also not sure of all the info you will need or if this is the right place to post so please, lemme know what else you might need. I always go and hunt down the latest drivers for my gear when I buy new gear. I just recently purchased a GEforce 5200FX from BFG tech (branded Asylum 3d) anyways, I went to thier main webpage and clicked on driver update, it then sends me to Nvidias main page, I do some reading and realize Nvidia is using one driver for all, ok not a big deal, so I click on thier driver download page, select drivers, detonators, win xp etc... it downloads, it installs, resets the computer, then when the opening sound when windows starts, it bogs down and the sound gets all choppy, ok not a big deal, now when ever sounds are needed, either in windows or playing a dvd or a game, it gets all corrupted, these are supposed to be (Video Card drivers ???? Right ????) why would installing the most current driver for Video be affecting the sound??? I do have a Nforce 2 AMD board, does the detonator and the Nforce share files or something? What other info do you need from me. Someone please help, I reverted back to the drivers that came with the card and they work fine. Is it nessecary to upgrade to the newer detonators or not. Thanks Jeremy

sean m
06-10-03, 03:57 PM
I have the same problem when windows starts. No other sound problems though.

06-10-03, 09:31 PM
i got a different c media driver than what I had and the right one this time and it works now, also got a newer nforce driver than what i had and so it was either of those 2, i thought i had everything as current as can be, also I had the beta detonator i got the official one now, and things are much better, it still bogs down like sean said on his, thanks for your reply btw when it starts up but the games and apps etc sounds working fine, good luck to all

06-11-03, 03:49 PM
the same happens with sb live too - but only in the starting windows sound and only with 44.03
something is loading with windows that shouldn't, with 44.03 -
i guess