View Full Version : want to start overclocking any advice suggestions

06-10-03, 09:57 PM
hi, want to play with overclocking, ran 3d mark and didnt like my # of 3d marks, so its either upgrade or try and tweak what I got, well here goes
AMD 1500 XP on a Chaintech 7njl1 (Nforce 2 board)
Vantec AeroCool HSF
512 total meg 2100 DDR, 2x 256s running in dual config
5200 fx with 128 meg mem
everything else is on board, sound lan etc.....
Maxtor 40 gb Diamond max
Generic DVD and CDRW drives, got em at a pc show
Did I forget anything, I dont think so

I just got most of this gear so its new to me and Im not familar with it yet. How much can I overclock safely and where do I begin. Any tips, suggestions, apps to download, would be most appreciated.


06-10-03, 09:58 PM
yea forgot to mention running win xp with the service pack and all the updates that it suggested

06-10-03, 10:57 PM
I would probably upgrade some of the components if I were in your situation. You should upgrade the CPU and Graphics Card to maybe something like a Barton [Misspelled: Baron] 2500+ and o/c [the proc] and a gfx card like a NVIDIA's GeforceFX 5600 Or Radeon 9700np.

06-10-03, 11:09 PM
i had to buy new gear, my old motherboard died, bad capacitors, and it was about 3 months outta warranty, i decided to upgrade from what i had, so i got the new board, the xp 1500 and the fx 5200, i stepped up from a 800 athlon and a voodoo 5 5500 so i was happy with that, i didnt have much money, the new board had a different agp slot than the old one so my 5500 wouldnt run period on the new board, i had no choice with the vid card and money was limited, so thats why i wound up with a 5200, anyways, are you saying dont oc at all, just wait till i can afford a faster fx, anyways thanks