View Full Version : 18x.xx drivers and "custom resolution" problem.

04-20-09, 11:03 AM
I have been using the 178.13 drivers (winxp-32 bit) since I built this system:

ASUS Rampage Extreme x48
Intel C2Q 9650 3.0ghz
BFG GTX260, 896mb
(C:720, S:1480, M:1220, mhz)
SoundMAX X-fi
ASUS VW266H lcd flat panel

I used the following instructions to set up a 4:3 (1600x1200) resolution for older games (FS9 and SH3):

1> Set your resolution to your monitors NATIVE RESOLUTION (In my case, 1920X1200 @ 60Hz). Look at your monitor's specs for what yours is.
2> Open up NVidia Control Panel.
3> Turn on ADVANCED SETTINGS (If not done already)
4> Click on "Change Flat Panel Scaling" and select "Use NVIDIA scaling with fixed-aspect ratio". Click Apply.
5> Click on "Manage Custom Resolutions". Click on "Create".
6> Click on "Advanced>>"
7> Change the drop down box for "Timing Standard" to manual. *It is important to do this *BEFORE* changing the resolution settings.
8> At the top next to "Horizontal desktop pixels", "Vertical desktop lines", and "GDI Refresh rate" insert whatever values you need.
EXAMPLE: In my SHIII game which runs at 1600X1200 @ 60Hz I had to insert Hdp:1600 Vdl:1200 and GDIRr:60
9> Click Test

Everything worked perfectly. I now had a selectable 1600x1200 resolution in my settings which worked.

After reading about some impressive performance increases from those who upgraded to the 18x.xx drivers I did a clean uninstall of the 178.13's and tried the 182.08, 182.50 and 185.66 (beta) drivers with the same ugly result after step 9, above. Text was mangled as well as my desktop icons. Here's a digital shot of the results...it is identical with all 3 drivers I mentioned:


Now for weirdness number 2...and maybe a clue? I originally took a screenshot (CTRL+PRT SCRN) of this ugliness to post here...and when I opened THAT, in Irfanview...it looked fine:


Does anyone have any idea why I cannot set a custom resolution, without terrible results, after the upgraded drivers are installed?

I have gone back to the 178.13's and everything is working again.
I posted the screenshot in the hope it provides a clue...my actual screen with the 18x.xx drivers does NOT look anywhere near that good...but maybe this little oddity will help someone figure out what is going on? The digital photo is what my actual screen looks like with the newer drivers.

The ASUS LCD advertised a menu setting for 4:3 scaling...but did not mention that it is only available using a VGA input...and even then it doesn't work with a "windowed" game (as is the way I use FS9). The instructions I mentioned above worked fine with 178.13's but not with anything newer.

I would REALLY like to try the new drivers to see the performance improvements...but I MUST have the ability to set a custom resolution for the games I play.

Does anyone have any idea what the heck is going on?

Thank you,