View Full Version : a7n8x dlx woes

06-10-03, 10:51 PM
Ok.. here is my problem today when i was just on the comp i accdently hit my usb keyboard out.. its happend before... no big deall. i plugged ti back in and it still wasn't working.. so i just thought "strange' and i restarted the computer... when i restart i hear the lady screaming at me "no keyboard plugged in" now my keyboard is an old dell w/ 2 usb ports on teh sides os i inplug my mouse and n50 gamepad from each side reboot again, same thing.. i turn it off clear the cmos.. still no go.. but my serial one works fine so i boot into windows and NONE Of my usb stuff works.. only way it will is if i use a USB to serial adapter.. but the keyboard still doesn't work then. So.. i bad keyboard.. i try plugging it into the other comp and it works FINE.. infact, i'm typing on it now.. now i know somethings up but i keep trying, the thing is. ther'es 3 lights on my belkin n50 which ALL light up when i boot up saying its getting power.. but its not being detected i guesss.. whenver the usuallys tay on it means its not detected. but my mx500 isn't lighting up @ ALL! the red light own't turn on.. it works fine w/ the serial adapter.. AnY HELP WOULD BE APRECIAED

its a rev. 1.04 it was working fine today and yesterday until it just happend to get unplugged.. id id have ahh whats it called.. legacy usb on cause that way i can use it on my startup menus.. i'm currently in the proccess of reinstalling windows on the machien to see if it it helps.. id obut it though.. i already formated it and still no go..
Any ideas?


06-17-03, 09:49 AM
I dont know why it would happen but is there a way to Disable the onboard USB controller in BIOS i know there is on my mobo.