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04-21-09, 08:23 AM
Okay this is so typical for me.

I'm currently sitting in the house awaiting the delivery of my brand spanking new EVGA GTX295, arriving at any moment, and I decide to knock up GTAIV and have a mess about with some mods and take note of the fps (Got a 9800GTX+ atm). Got to be said, this game has always ran beautifully. Got most settings around the 50/100 mark, textures and shadows at 'very high' and at 1920x1200 usual fps is inbetween 20-50. Never has it struggled though, always smooth sailing.

So I knock up GTAIV and notice there's a new Games for Windows Live update, so I naturally install it. Well, what a mistake that was... Now I'm getting intermittent stutters and the main menu takes a lot longer to load up.
And this was the one game I was really looking forward to playing with my new card, heh :(

Anyone else in the same boat?
If you haven't installed the new update, I'd suggest waiting for more feedback.
EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIggj3cA7cY -Video of the problem I've uploaded

Already found this on: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=408280
"well watever it is........it sucks ive now lost 5 fps but my system itsnt running alot nither is my g card, but now I get shuttering during gameplay I got in a car drove down the street and I thought my game was gonna freeze, it shutters when I run down the street also, whatever it is I dont like it"

04-21-09, 10:52 AM

If I want to log online I need to install new update when I accept that I got error that Live cannot connect to the servers so I can't download update. So now I can't play online cause you can't login online without installing this new rubbish update.

04-21-09, 11:23 AM
I just bought the PC version last night and I am having the same problem. What is even worse is when I close "Rockstar Social Club", my PC freezes and I have to restart.

04-21-09, 11:49 AM
I would test this for you, but... I don't want the same problem.

04-21-09, 06:37 PM
Yep, same problem here. FPS is good but I get horrible stuttering.


04-21-09, 07:45 PM
Checked here also and I get good frames as before but massive stuttering makes the game annoying to play.

I thought it was a problem here, glad to see I am not the only one. :( GFWL needs to fail. :thumbdwn:

04-21-09, 08:02 PM
Well on a positive note, my gtx295 arrived eventually, installed without a hitch and runs all games spot on...minus GTA of course, at the moment anyhow :)

Guess it's worth playing through some other games that utilize Games for Windows Live to see how they fair?
Fallout 3 seemed fine. Anybody tried Gears of War?

04-21-09, 10:27 PM
Gears of War is a great game..

04-22-09, 12:31 AM
Installed the update, Didn't need to restart, Didn't notice any stuttering.

Didn't stay up late enough to see Noriega online. :(

04-22-09, 11:51 AM
this is a real stupid question...how do i make sure not to install this windows live update? does it do it automatically?

i do not play GTA4 online so far just playing single player. Do I need to worry about it doing it or prevent it from doing it somehow?

04-22-09, 12:01 PM
anyone have the older version? installed the update and GTA4 runs like **** now.

04-22-09, 01:01 PM
It forces you to download the update I think anyway... if you decline it signs you out, so you can't load your game.


04-22-09, 01:15 PM
yeah, just found that out. Got the older version of LIVE, and it forces you to upgrade.

MS really screwed this one up.

04-22-09, 01:18 PM
It forces you to download the update I think anyway... if you decline it signs you out, so you can't load your game.


well this stinks...

04-22-09, 01:35 PM
i like few post from GTA forums

from the mod
I am afraid I am but a humble Moderator here, I don't have any contact with Rockstar so I have no information. Believe me if I had anything to tell you I would. I am pretty confident though that this problem will be fixed pretty sharpish, you just need to look at the scale of the **** up to see that people at MS are probably bricking it.

I admit that it looks bad that no one has said anything Officially. I imagine Toronto are of the view "well it wasn't us so we can't say anything" and MS are just plain arse holes anyway so they wouldn't say anything. They spent nearly 2 years denying the red ring of death happened before caving in.

04-22-09, 02:53 PM
Yeah I got shuttering issue too after Live update last night.

04-22-09, 03:01 PM
MS just ****edup everything. How is this possible that Multiplayer software can make game runs like ****?

04-22-09, 05:36 PM
MS just ****edup everything. How is this possible that Multiplayer software can make game runs like ****?

there is very good point on few GTA forums.

this small update supposelly was after some exploits (trainers, MP hacks)

04-22-09, 08:22 PM
I want to get GTAIV so much, but all that crap has scared me away thus far

04-22-09, 09:48 PM
I would wait till is fixed, if MS doesn't fix this soon, very soon someone probably will go GTA on LIVE team.

Ninja Please
04-22-09, 11:40 PM
I also have the same problem. I uninstalled all live programs from control panel, and re-installed the old live files you can get from here: http://www.gamesforwindows.com/en-US/support/live/Pages/default.aspx and decline when it asks you to update. Granted you it sucks not being able to play online and use the live features but at least it will take care of the stuttering for when you play single player.

I too am glad to see I'm not the only one with the problem. I will just wait for a fix and play stutter free I guess.
i7 920/ EVGA X 58/ GTX 285/ 60GB OCZ Vertex

04-23-09, 01:00 AM
This game has too many problems. It was bad enough of having to install unnecessary crap and having to register and login to play the game.

04-23-09, 08:27 AM

I just installed GTA4 last night for the first time and I was wondering too why it was stuttering so badly every time I drove a bit. It seemed unusual considering that I just got my system. :(

F*** you Windows LIVE

04-23-09, 11:21 AM
They all like fish ****s in Microsoft that's 4 sho. They master releasing piece of crap without testing it.

04-23-09, 12:27 PM
Hell I would pay Rockstar if they didn't mind me using a (lee) version