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06-11-03, 03:09 AM
First off I would like to say hello to everyone because I am new here. I am in the Air Force and currently stationed in South Korea. I had a 9700 pro until we had a power outage one day and since then it hasn't worked at all so I went out and bought a 128 mb 5600 fx with the VIVO feature on it. It's made by S/U/M/A but it's a Korean company so I coudn't read the manual because it's all in funky korean writing. Does anyone know how to use the VIVO feature?? I installed the WDM drivers but I don't know where to go to turn the video in on. And am I correct in thinking that I can hook a sattelite reciever to it and use my computer for a TV because our dorm rooms are small and I don' t want to crowd it with my computer and a TV. Thanks in advance

06-11-03, 03:23 AM
The same type of question is addressed further down the page which may help you out. :)

Just in case you haven't seen it yet:


06-11-03, 07:56 AM