View Full Version : Vista Nvidia Geforce 7100/nf 630i = Horrible performance ?

04-24-09, 01:23 PM
Hey all, a bit of a frustrating problem here -
I Just recently got a windows vista with 7100/630i graphics in it. The other specs are fairly moderate as well.

I tried installing Guild Wars and running it, only to find that the performance is just horrible. As in Really ****ing bad 5-14 fps and one second lag on all controls regardless of internet connection ping. I tried overclocking, using opengl, using DX8 instead of DX9, tried installing different drivers ( currently using the most recently updated driver ), pretty much everything and nothing has made a lick of difference. The most bizzaro wacko thing here is that changing the graphics performance in Game has absolutely no effect whatsoever - I get 5-14 fps on the lowest in game settings ( IE shadow details, refresh rate, screen resolution, Texture quality, ect. ) and 5-14 fps fps on the highest possible in game settings.

So I scoured the internet and emailed NCsoft's support team for answers, and NCsoft basically claims that this is a Driver problem that is Nvidia's fault. Is this true ? Is there anything that can be done other then buying a different graphics card ?


04-24-09, 02:37 PM
no offense but what did you really expect from 7100?

04-24-09, 02:37 PM
Hey welcome to NVNews.

5 to 14 fps is what you expect from a IGPU, you cant expect very basic onboard graphic chipset to perform like a high end GPU for best performance at highest games settings. You will need a real high end graphic card like Geforce GTX 260. :)

04-26-09, 05:22 AM
A 7100 is very weak but should still play the game better than that at the minimum settings.

What are the rest of your system specs?

If it is a driver problem and there aren't any solutions available online there isn't much you can do other than add a graphics card. I'd definitely recommend getting one if you want to play any games at all. There aren't many integrated chips that are worth gaming on, and the 7100 is definitely not one of them.

I recommend picking up at least a Geforce 9500GT. You can get one for around $50 now.