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phil d
06-11-03, 08:37 AM

Id really like to buy nvidia cards because of their Linux commitment, but to do so, I need to know which nvidia cards support openGL polygon antialiasing.

I program 3D stereo displays using openGL. Stereo displays require precise antialiasing (FSAA is way too crude, producing distorted depth). All ATI cards that I have worked with support openGL's GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH (even really low end Rage128 cards).

I know for a fact that geforce 4 MX cards do not support it, and suspect that Ti cards also dont support it. Expensive Quadro cards do, but if those are the only nvidia cards that do then, sorry nvidia, but ATI will be getting all our business.

If anyone knows whether openGL polygon antialiasing is supported in anything other than nvidia's quadro cards, please let me know!



06-11-03, 09:11 AM
Only the Quadros support it AFAIK. You could turn a GeForce into a Quadro using SoftQuadro, but I'm not too sure it works in Linux... Anyone knows that?


06-11-03, 10:57 AM
Quadro FX cards are excruciatingly expensive. But you should be able to pick up an NV25-based example (Quadro 4) for comparatively cheap.

Matrox has excellent Linux drivers - anyone know if the Parhelia supports what this guy is looking for?

06-11-03, 11:04 AM
both GL_LINE_SMOOTH, GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH are supported under win32 on FX5800. i think GL_POINT_SMOOTH is probably supported as well. not sure if they are supported under linux tho.

06-11-03, 05:31 PM
goto http://www.beyond3d.com/ and ask in one of the forums. If you can't find an answer there there is no answer.....