View Full Version : 185 drivers work well with Windows 7 (20-30% gain)

04-26-09, 07:22 PM
I got tired of waiting for a Win7 update so I tried the 185 Vista 64 driver and so far it seems to work fine. There was one module that it could not find during install, though I didn't write it down, otherwise it works fine. During the install it said it was a Windows 7 64 driver.

I only tested two games but compared to the current Win7 beta driver Far Cry 2 went from 38 to 50fps (30%) and Clear Sky went from 25 to 30 fps (20%).

EDIT: Oops meant to post in the Vista/7 forum.

04-27-09, 10:10 AM
they broke GRID for me so i went back to 182.50

04-27-09, 02:49 PM
What about FSX? 185 series was horrible for FSX in Vista x64 IMO.

Didn't try that yet, but will check it tonight.

05-03-09, 01:28 PM
What about FSX? 185 series was horrible for FSX in Vista x64 IMO.

man @4.3 with HT on (I know about HT and FSX=not good but ) Autogen slider on very dence Senery very dence,clouds on the other-hand I have FEX and keeping clouds @70 is ok any more and sim does slow down . .
Have also UTX and GEX , but let me tell u when i climb in the f-16- OKLA.. and rip down the runway out seattle Im in ahhhhhhhhh.OOOOOOOOOOOOOO..Anyhow the 185.81...very nice driver.

forgot 2 mention my autogen and all it add's allready there before the f-16 get's there.

i920 DO @ 4.3 Prolimateh push pull
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6 gig G-Skill Trident series
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