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04-27-09, 08:40 AM
From the legend server team Iceman, Stuz and Baboon
Server Information

IP -
Host - Dedicated server
Exp - X 10
Drops - X 1
Start level - 1
All Euro maps + alot of custom maps
4 Class's to choose from including the all new Assasin
Ride tigers (Saves walking)
All the new mobs
All the new items, armours and weapons
Cave Teleport
After level 50 Rebirth is needed for use items over level 50.
HellIsLand (have to go tho boardertown)
IceCave (you have to find the door in Gi)
Herald (in towns will give server and quest info)
ChestNuts (make a income)
ChallengeLand (Grp Quest with its own ItemSet and earn BounsPoints)
Bounspoints not new but you get each lvl and from mobs(add dc mc sc and on...)
Steven on Pi Island will put the to work in crafting for a new
HolyGodRobe!This robw is for the brave players over level 54!
Its take sometime but work hard it at.
Needs help keeping the MutnatTurtles under control,You will be put to work
going through each stage of a cave to keep them at bay.The People of Legend will,reward you for control the mutants!
MasterSensa1 hides in TaoSkool.
Guild Territories
These can be rented from the merchant in BW.
Recall guild members to the territory
Editable Notice Board
GuildZone (for leveling time alone)
And Lots lots more
Client - you can use mir usa client for now till we get our client on our ftpClient torrent (http://www.file-upload.eu/download-1608160/mir2_install.exe.torrent.html)
exe and ini here (http://www.file-upload.eu/download-1608126/Exe7z.7z.html)
Welcome to Legend server we are pleased to announce we are now open for open beta to the public, beta will remain for 2 weeks to try fix and find all the bugs we can, please enjoy your time with us and have fun ,see you ingame :)
Also as it open beta mesage a gm to level you to 40 and a kit.
(Have spoken to daydie we shall be adding button later today thank you)

Few screenshots
http://www.pic-upload.de/thumb/27.04.09/munzh9.jpg (http://www.pic-upload.de/view-1983428/Images00.jpg.html)
http://www.pic-upload.de/thumb/27.04.09/4s957f.jpg (http://www.pic-upload.de/view-1983685/Images17.jpg.html)

http://www.pic-upload.de/thumb/27.04.09/sl9n4i.jpg (http://www.pic-upload.de/view-1983700/Images61.jpg.html)