View Full Version : WTB/WTTF combo under 100 bux!

06-11-03, 10:39 AM
Ok so I did some shopping around and decided to get my GF some new PC parts.
using pricewatch or newegg I've found something I like, but I'm wondering if I could get it used for less.

I can the following with prices stated

Athlon XP 1700 - $41
Generic mobo (VIA KT266A) - $46
256MB PC2100 DDR266 ram - $28
Generic cooler - $4

That's all new!

So if someone could help me out with lower prices here or willing to trade something similar, please let me know.

06-12-03, 07:43 AM
I'd probably be willing to part with my KR7A-RAID, XP 1800+, Thermalright AX-7 and 256 mb of PC2400 RAM for $100 + shipping.

PM or reply if you're interested.

06-12-03, 12:00 PM
Wow look at that.
You've got PM!
I'll assume everything works that way if it doesn't I can sue :)