View Full Version : Nvidia Geforce 185.81 Beta drivers

04-30-09, 12:18 PM
Nvidia released some new beta drivers for testing.



05-03-09, 11:41 AM
Just installed these - seem to work OK.

First driver set I've used that didn't need to reboot upon install. Install finished and desktop was at 168x1050 and control panel all sorted. About time TBH.

I updated from the official 182.50's

05-04-09, 03:50 PM
At last, a 185.xx driver that works in my PC :p.

I have MAJOR improvements in The Chronicles Of Rid****: Dark Athena. With the 182.50 in some areas i was getting 40fps (Vsync @ 60 in 2048x1536 with SSAO at High and Max settings). Those drops were really weird, as when i was moving a few steps the framerate was back again to 60.

With the 185.81 those areas are smooth, no decreases and now constant 60fps :D

05-06-09, 10:32 AM
These drivers are working very nicely for me.