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06-11-03, 01:20 PM
After a lot of thinking, I've decided to part company with my treasured self-built PC. (No, the PC didnt build itself :rolleyes: :) )

Anyways, All thats needed to complete the PC is a Graphics card of some description. I had a 9700Pro in it but sold it to fund my newest hobby.

The Rig includes

-ATX Case with New 300W PSU
-ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard with Firewire, SATA support, Wake on Keyboard etc.
-AMD XP2400+ Thoroughbred CPU with SLK-800 Hetasink/fan
-512MB Crucial PC2700 DDR RAM
-30GB Hard Drive
-32x Liteon CDROM
-6x4x24 Ricoh CDR/RW DVDROM
-Sounblaster Audigy Sound Card
-56K Modem
-Logitech Elite Cordless KB and Mouse. The logitech mouse is faulty so i will also include a M$ Optical explorer Mouse.
-17' CTX Monitor
ALSO -Epson Photo 810 6-Colour Printer

The computer will come pre-formatted with Windows XP Proffesional Installed if you want.

Can also include a number of the latest Original Games at a fiver for a 1disc game, 10 quid for a 2 disc and 12.50 for a 3 disc game.

Can also include another 30GB Hard drive for another 30 notes. There would be an undetermined delay on recieving this drive as I would have to back-up the whole drive before parting with it.

EDIT: I just realised I can also include a Mustek 32Bit Parallel (Sp.?) flatbed A4 Scanner for another ten pounds.
Plus If anyone is interested I've got a boxed pair of cordless E-Dimensional Glasses, which I'll sell for 30 quid, with or without the PC.

FINALY, there is some cosmetic damage to one side of the ATX case. I NEVER have the panels attatched to my case (Easier access, better air-flow etc.). I used the left panel as a Air Rifle Backstop for about a week, so it has some hefty dents in it.
This is merely cosmetic and actually adds character to the machine

Well........On to the business end of the deal.........

I'm asking 400 quid O.V.N.O. without the games and extra HDD.

Buyer Must Collect. OR at least meet me half way!

Will Certainly consider a Divers Bottle in Part Ex. depending on size/Fill press. and test date, If anyone happens to have one they dont need.

Well, that was a bit long winded but all the info you need should be there.

Any info needed regarding full specs etc. dont hessitate to contact me.


God I'm going to miss this baby if it goes. No More Porn, Noooooooooooooo

06-13-03, 09:20 AM
Hey, I sent you a pm at Rage3d, with an address you can email me at. Things have altered a bit for me, and my interest in the glasses has changed. I'd like to run the details by you. - biosylum

06-13-03, 09:34 AM
Sorry mate,
I hardly ever check my Rage PM's and havnt had much of a chance to visit rage at all lately.

As it stands at the moment I've got 2 people interested in the full rig, and one of them wants the glasses too.
I'm still waiting for both of them to get back to me.

Whats up???

mail me at NO_SPAM_steven.sweeney@virgin.net

(Take out the NO_SPAM_)