View Full Version : 620 for a brand new beast (gamers delight)

06-11-03, 03:59 PM
kt400 mobo chaintech apogee
athlon xp 2200+
768 meg of ddr memmory
msi ti4800se
copper cooler up to 3.1 ghz!
40 gig hard dirve
dvdrom sony 16x
floppy disk drive
2.1 black speakers absolutely amazing quality
350 wat scan case (amazing overclocking potential with it)
standard keyboard and mouse

windows xp
norton 2003
vice city
medal of honour
fifa 2003
warcraft 3
iron storm

many many more!

amazing value for a pc with this much power and potential
uk only (unless you pay the charges)

620 pounds

any questions ask

the other pc has gone now

i made 8 of these but have only 2 left now

06-12-03, 09:42 AM
is there not 1 person interested?

i just bought it all parts work 100% it has not bin overclocked!