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05-14-09, 01:19 AM
Twenty screenshots showing off Black Bean Games' PC-exclusive Superstars V8 Racing:

Superstars V8 Racing is based on the license of the car racing Italian Championship that Black Bean Games has signed off with Superstars International Development. Powered by some of the most important car manufacturers in the whole world, such as BMW, Audi and Jaguar, and sporting top class production cars it delivers a breathtaking driving experience. Superstars V8 Racing offers the utmost realistic impression of the Championship. From car design to technical engine features, from the setting of the races to the turns of the tracks, everything has been designed in great detail.
Every single car behaves in a complete different way accordingly to its real technical features and the settings tuned by each team competing for the title in order to get the best performance out of the powerful engine. Game play mode variety is enriched by each own cars' peculiarity and it can be appreciated for the pick up 'n play game mechanics, thought for the casual gamers, as well as for the top notch quality of the most experienced ones.



05-14-09, 06:01 AM
Cool looking great, heres hoping it's not to much sim crap and its says pick up and play so this could be good!

05-14-09, 06:26 AM
I have a stiffy.

05-14-09, 11:32 AM
Meh, doesn't look like anything special to me. Another racing game with a couple of tracks and a handful of cars. I really want another game like TDU, but works better. Tracks are fun, but I like to be able to mix it up. If you could drive to the tracks and do some racing off the track that would be a lot more enjoyable.