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06-13-03, 07:26 AM
I think I'll be doin this to a ti500 as well... heh heh...

Well, anyways, I've got an nVidia reference design vanilla GF3 that wouldn't go past 232/510 or so... The temptation has always been great with GF3's and me, but this time I'm doin it...

1. HSF replacement with Duron AL heatsink and 7K delta fan... Application of epoxy/AS3 mix...

2. Ramsink removal and application of epoxy/AS3 mix after a quick shine-up...

3. Volt mod.

... Well, step 1 and 2 are complete... I'm up to 241/~520, but I'll be shooting for 265/590 after the volt mod...

more on this REAL SOON... heh heh heh...:D:D

06-13-03, 07:30 AM
:eek: :eek: :eek:

Do let us know the results of your "experimentation". :D ;) :p

06-13-03, 09:40 AM
wow!!! that thing is massive!!! lol im still trying to find a spot to throw another fan on my geforcefx ultra... i already have one on the back pcb... but im trying to overclock, and it doesnt want to agree with me........

06-13-03, 01:15 PM
Thanks for the kudos..:D I'm psyched!!

Here’s a copy of my post @ AMDforums…

Working fairly closely with [OC]_This, I’ve built my gamer system basically from the blueprint pages for his high fsb kt266a setup which pretty much keeps up with high-fsb nforce2 setups in terms of benchmarking… Oh, and the setup does so with high stability as well… I’ve been stuck @ 9.9k 3dmarks for the past week tho…

Here’s my gamer rig:
…KR7A-133R 1.0 Mobo w/silver capacitors
…XP1700 TbredB JIUCB @ up to 1900mhz @ 191fsb
…Thick no-name all CU HSF setup LAPPED with a 7K Delta
…256mb Samsung PC2700 DDR
…nVidia Reference design GF3 classic with AS3 treated thermal surfaces, an AL duron heatsink, a 7k delta fan, and stock heatspreaders (they are decent and heavy though)… and also a VOLT MOD
…17” Vistapoint monitor
…Maxtor ATA-133 7.2k 40gb HD
…sbLive! 5.1
…netgear FA310TX nic
…PewerMagic 450W PSU (strong rails!)
…PowerMagic Blue/Silver mid-tower w/window, a few lit fans, and a blue ccfl
…and good case cooling

So I got my GF3 last week, and tested it outta the box with stock cooling… in a stock K7S5A/XP1800, it would do 235/517… In a stock gigabyte GA-7VTXE+(kt266a)/XP1700, it would do 235/515…

@ 189 and 191 fsb on my gamer pc, it did 233/511…

How do I classify “did”? Well, I run some of my 3dmk2k1 tests individually, as dragothic is a great stress test to start off with and judge if yer a little too high… and nature as well… If dragothic and nature run thru without a hitch (on this system at least), then the other tests are good to go as well. (remember folks, I’m setting this machine up FOR FUN… to benchmark as high as possible … when I’m done funning around, I’ll prolly back down a little… not that I’ll have to, as I’ve stressed this setup completely by choking it [turning some fans off] and running UT2k3 demo with MAD amounts of bots with vidcard @ 191fsb, and it does fine…)

I volt modded using the X-Bit Labs (“Geforce 3 Extreme Overclocking”)method from July 2k1…

I didn’t have any 510 ohm ¼ waters, so I used a 380 and a 130 in-line… I had 810’s…

Soldering them was easy… I cleaned the card up and took it home for lunch for some preliminary testing…

I only had enough time for my dragothic/nature test… and immediately heat was the issue I was fighting with… Though all was cool on the front side with the duron HS/7k fan setup, I could tell the back of the core was quite hot, a little hotter than normal… The vid-RAM was a little extra warm, too…

I didn’t have enough time to get it all worked out, but with all the heat issues, I am just a couple clicks away from total stability… but I wonder if I’ll only be able to get these high clocks if I use a lower fsb… The increases in perf shown in the article done 2 yrs ago were using systems @ 133fsb, not kicked up at all…

Hmm… so, does my OC overhead decrease as I up the fsb?

I lowered to 180 fsb and had *ALMOST* perfect stability @ 247/540…

I can tell you right now that the vid-ram heatspreaders/heatsinks are gonna have to go, and copper ones will have to fill their place…

And I’m gonna throw a decent fan setup with cowl on top o the vidcard, to cool the core off… maybe another 7k (*what? I can’t hear you!:D:D )…

Or maybe a big glob of RTV silcone, and then 4 small Pentium heatsinks applied very closely before drying, with a big low rpm fan mounted on the top? … heh, wonder if that would help dissipate heat on the back of the board…

This thread is in the benchmarks section cuz I’m gonna post my 3dmk2k1 result progress… I still value the program as an indicator of system stability… oh, and my GF says I’m much sexier when I get 10k… so… :D:rolleyes::D

Tonite more testing will happen… 10k will happen… maybe more?? It’d be nice…

Questions/comments/feedback? Please feel free…

Oh, here’s the first pic after the cooling mods, and BEFORE the volt mod… I’ll get some other pics done tonite…

06-13-03, 02:03 PM
I've got a vanilla GF3, which looks almost exactly like your's, except it has DVI (and it's made by VisionTek).

No mods to the card itself (although I made have put AS3 on it at one time...) and I have it completely stable at 260/540..

Ram will not go past 540, but the core still seems like it has some overhead.. I might get it to go more..

Seriously, no extra cooling directly on the card (no PCI slot fans, no hanging fans blowing over the card, nothing) besides some pretty big CFM fans which are located in the front area of the PC blowing towards the AGP/PCI cards.

P.S. I can break 10k on 3DMark2k1 with the Dets 40 (even though they are cheating).

06-13-03, 02:13 PM
One thing you might try, to get some more overclock, is change to a reference GF3ti500 bios. That's what I have loaded on mine, and I get 240/500 "right out of the box" with new driver setups.

06-13-03, 02:22 PM
what u use to chg bios? nvflash? or is there a windows based utility? I can't find much on this...

06-13-03, 03:56 PM
here's the card in *slightly* finished condition... :D

06-13-03, 04:02 PM
here's the first resistor mod... the second one? Well, the pic didn't turn out so good, but my soldering job was ok... and it's aligned nice and straight.

06-14-03, 01:38 PM
Yeah, I used NVFlash to flash the bios.. I have it on hand it you want it... I have attached it here.

Rename GF3ti500.txt as GF3ti500.rom

06-17-03, 12:29 PM
Ok, so I put nvflash on a floppy... put the bios on another floppy... Boot up in safe mode command prompt (XP)... and then what? Sorry, I'm an nvidia vidcard bios flash n00b... XpertBios spoiled me...


Peltier.... heh heh heh...

I wanna throw a 43w (not a 72 or 80) peltier on the core, and pitch the AL HS for a CU unit I have layin around...

1. I'll need the fan *not* blowing thru the fins, but rather utilizing convection, right?

2. A 43w peltier requires a separate power source, right?

3. Where can I get smaller peltiers like this? Anyone?

... BTW I think one of my resistor mounts was done wrong... I have BOTH of the 820's meeting pin 20... and I think from what I've seen that they need to MEET and then go to pin 20... hmmm... dang *me* and my non-electrical theory know-how... or am I worrying up the wrong tree?

06-17-03, 01:25 PM
Sweet mod! Very cool.

BTW, Jen-Hsung has a Pelter cooled Riva Tnt i think, anand took a picture of it, looked pritty cool.

06-17-03, 02:39 PM
Originally posted by GlowStick
Sweet mod! Very cool.

BTW, Jen-Hsung has a Pelter cooled Riva Tnt i think, anand took a picture of it, looked pritty cool.

yeh, I wanna get a small one that a big CU cooler and a 7k fan can handle... no H20 for me yet... ;)

06-17-03, 02:49 PM
After some digging i found the pic

Pelter (http://www.anandtech.com/video/showimage.html?u=http://images.anandtech.com/reviews/video/insidegraphics/TNTpeltier.jpg)

Here is the caption

This Riva TNT card (above) is actually running a peltier cooler and was among Jen-Hsun's toys[IMG]

06-17-03, 10:39 PM
384 core 601.4 memory with air cooling I got.

This was with a Geforce 3 vanilla.

You have some really crap speeds with the peltier man. I could easily push above my max with a peltier.

06-17-03, 10:44 PM
hows that, KILER?

vanilla gf3, no volt mod?

...oh, btw after checking it turns out that my resistor placement was legit...

BUT... I didn't lap far down enuff on the core... I've seen other succesful gf3 volt mods, and the copper shows a little... hmmm...

... and I really do need to replace the AL unit with a CU...

06-17-03, 10:47 PM
KILER, you mean 284... you must....

you silly robot :D...

06-17-03, 11:12 PM

You only need to use it to run a few 3dmark tests (not all of them completed) but you can easily score over 60fps on Nature at default settings.

I had no vold mods but I did have 7 fans on my Geforce 3, most were sticky taped on.

I made so many posts about it in the past and showed results that people started to get annoyed. Mainly Saturn ws annoyed at my constant yabbering of being able to hit such speeds.

I never ran many games with such speeds and the ones like Half-Life eventually started to display artifacts over a period of time.

Hitting such speeds; I only do for fun. Not so I can run my games at a bazzillion frames per second.

Might I add, at times the artifacts were so bad I had no choice but to reboot.

06-17-03, 11:17 PM
Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R
Hitting such speeds; I only do for fun. Not so I can run my games at a bazzillion frames per second.


I tweak and bench a lot w/3dmk2k1 FOR FUN... I un-tweak a little for gaming...

btw I can get 60fps in nature before the volt mod with one fan ... @ 233/510 or so...:p :D

06-17-03, 11:19 PM
If your really wanting to overclock it, why not watercool that puppy, I have seen several watercooling kits that not only cool the CPU, but also cool the Northbridge and the GPU as well, some people have ridcoulously overclocked the whole getup. I have debated that whole watercooling thing for a while now. I really want to try it out sometime soon. Good luck with the Frankencard.


06-17-03, 11:19 PM
Originally posted by ragejg

I tweak and bench a lot w/3dmk2k1 FOR FUN... I un-tweak a little for gaming...

btw I can get 60fps in nature before the volt mod with one fan ... @ 233/510 or so...:p :D

Which drivers eh? ;)

I am talking about the earlier 21.xx det XPs. They were kinda optimised.

These newer ones are even more optimised. I bet I can hit 60fps at defualt clock speeds too. :lol:

06-17-03, 11:22 PM
you're very correct.

40 series (44.03, 43.51, and 40.72)

I sould make it my goal to hit 60 with 30.82... that was a good driver....

06-18-03, 12:46 AM
theres no way you can hit 60fps, I get 53fps in nature on a stock ti500 using 40.72 drivers. Maybe you set it to best performance, mines on best quality.

06-18-03, 06:16 AM
well, yeah!!

It's called "using the optimizations"!

Anyone competing on the futuremark scores for the GF3 series uses the performance settings and LOD tweaks...

I've had runs of 63 and 65 fps...

And if I set my LOD to a more conservatinve setting, and switched to middle IQ settings, I'll prolly get 50-56 fps...

Best quality mode's certainly not for competing in the ORB...

Again, this is for FUN... :D

06-18-03, 06:45 AM
Originally posted by Geforce4ti4200
theres no way you can hit 60fps, I get 53fps in nature on a stock ti500 using 40.72 drivers. Maybe you set it to best performance, mines on best quality.

That's not what nVidia recommends. ;)