View Full Version : Creative MegaWorks® THX® 6.1 650D!!

06-13-03, 12:23 PM
Link (http://gr.europe.creative.com/estore/product.asp?prod=426&page=1)
Some specs for the lazy::D
Power Specifications
75 Watts (RMS) per surround satellite (x6)
150 Watts (RMS) subwoofer
Frequency response 25Hz to 20kHz
Designed to give optimum performance with the Sound Blaster® Audigy™ 2, for unmatched 6.1 positional audio with EAX® Advanced HD™ and Microsoft® DirectSound® 3D-supported games or Dolby® Digital EX movies

THX® certification for outstanding audio performance and build quality

Dual flare ported wood subwoofer, and 6 tuned satellite speakers for ultra-smooth, reference-quality output

Multi-featured wired remote control supports private listening via attachable tilted desktop stand

High-performance, true 24-bit/96kHz digital-to-analogue converters ensure high-resolution audio playback

06-13-03, 01:51 PM
hrmmm, i would love to see a side by side comparison next to the Z-680's

06-14-03, 01:53 PM
Well, it's obvious that they are THX certified because Creative now owns much of THX!