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06-13-03, 11:02 PM

Leadtek kept their "boombox" cooler for their 5900 Ultra card. :D

06-14-03, 01:26 AM
.....so beautiful.

06-14-03, 03:15 AM
When after a while there's buttload of dust inside, how do you supose to take it out? Unscrewing all that thing? Meh

06-14-03, 05:45 AM
One way (of keeping it clean) could be to keep the whole case clean instead. Add filters to the intake-fans of the case and I doubt it will be that much of a problem.

Of course I'm guessing, I don't have a leadtek-card to test with. I do however use filters for my case, and I don't really have dust inside. :)


06-14-03, 07:55 AM
Well the card does have air filters but that won't stop 100% of dust in getting though.

06-14-03, 10:44 AM
OMG, it is a boombox, i never thought of it that way!

06-14-03, 10:48 AM
Cleaning dust out of a computer should be like a regular maintenance. Just like changing oil in a car...;)

06-14-03, 12:49 PM
my 5800 Ultra looks just like that...
and i have order that 5900 Ultra ...
hope it dont sound like 5800... !!!!!!!!

bet it dose..

06-14-03, 01:11 PM
Nope if you notice most manufatures are using dual low rpm fans now, these make just 30Dba unlike the FXflow's 60Dba, which is more then 3x louder.

Noticed you are using a Leadtek FX card doesn't that not come with the same cooling type as above?

06-14-03, 10:28 PM
Im getting this one ... BRING IT !!!:afro:

The Punisher
06-16-03, 06:02 AM
That must be the single most sweetest pic of the FX5900 card I've ever seen. I'm definately going to be a proud FX5900 owner soon. Only after I saw it here did I notice that the fans are tilted. Now I'm curious about the air flow thru the heatsink.

Q1 - Are both fans blowing in at the core or is it one fan drawing
air in & the other one blowing out?
Q2 - If both are inlet fans then where does all the air come out
Q3 - Is the heatsink pop-rivetted or screwed onto the card?
Q4 - If it is removable, is it advisable to change the thermal

Thanx in advance to all who answers my questions.