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05-30-09, 10:39 PM
Just upgraded my bedroom's media center PC to a Mac Mini with TV tuner about 5 months ago and this has been sitting in the garage.

HP a1410n
AMD 3800+ 64bit
2 gigs of ram
200GB HD
dual video cards: Integrated nV 6150LE + nV 7600GT
Light scribe DVD burner
Multi card reader
WinTV - PVR150 TV/Tuner - with IR receiver and remote of tuner
Linksys wireless PCI wmp54GX4
Windows XP media center
No keyboard or mouse

Works great all shareware/OEM ware has been removed a long time ago, or you can restore it to the original image out of the box
** this model did not come with a restore disk, however there is a restore partition on the HD, Legit WinXP MC key/sticker on box

- Check out an image here (http://www.fpsadmin.com/images/rudedog/HP.jpg) Warning not 56K friendly
Asking SOLD shipped cont. US only via UPS with tracking.

Paypal non CC prefered

heat Rudedog, ebay jiml1968

Any questions by all means ask. Thanks for looking

05-31-09, 04:39 PM