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Jedi Dwight
05-31-09, 05:01 PM
First, if you don't know what a Peltier is, it's a ThermoElectric Cooler device. A voltage is applied to the device which makes one side ice cold as heat is transferred to the opposite side. The Freezone Elite is the best TEC on the market since it's a fully sealed, hassle free system with built-in radiator and 12cm fan. You remove the 12cm fan on the back of a PC case, and it mounts in its place.

This allows you to overclock an Intel LGA775 CPU. You can buy adapters for AMD CPU's or an Intel Core i7 CPU for $11 and $17 respectively from Cool IT Systems' site, here: http://shopping.coolitsystems.com/.

If you were to buy a pre-overclocked system from someplace major, Cool IT is likely providing the cooling with something just like this. Cool IT claims that competing pre-filled systems, which don't install completely inside the case, only cool the processor to a max temperature of 41C whereas the Freezone Elite cools to a max of 25C.

With certain motherboard and case combinations, this may not work. The original EVGA X58 3X SLI board for example has the VRM heatpipe heatsink which is really tall, and thus it won't go with the 12cm fan right behind the CPU socket. I believe all other EVGA stuff would work great though. The VRM cooling just can't be taller than the ATX I/O panel shield.

This is 100% new and carries a one year warranty from Cool IT. It supports nVIDIA's ESA system monitoring and tweaking technology on nForce 680i/780i/790i, and 780a/980a and includes the MTEC control center.

I got this last Fall for my new i7, but it didn't include the i7 socket adapter and I never got around to getting one from Cool IT. MSRP is like $400.00. I'm looking to do something like $320 shipped with PayPal.

I have sold stuff here in the past without complaint.
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Jedi Dwight
08-03-09, 08:49 PM

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