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06-14-03, 10:02 PM
I have a question for anyone who has the chaintech 7NJS-ZENITH Ultra or has heared anything about it. I am considering buying this or the ABIT and was wondering if anyone knows anything about this mobo. I know chaintech usually makes good mobos but I am looking at the sound on this one and I don't know much about it. Is the sound any good? If anyone has any experiance witgh this, can you let me know what you think?


06-15-03, 09:01 AM
Worse as the CHintech boards are still running C-media, however i have seen alot of people get noise with the nVIDIA auido. But the ABIT board has sound strom which is better. Although if you are a hardcore gamer then you will want a Audigy 2.

06-15-03, 09:37 AM
Well, seeing that that the Chaintech is so expensive at the moment and I haven't heared anyone say anything good about this audio, maybe I go with another board. I am into games but I am not that much of a "hardcore" gamer, so I think I will go with the sound storm board. Thanks for the reply. ;)

06-15-03, 09:46 AM
The reason being so expensive is due to ALOT of features that is has SATA & SPDIF, rounded cables C-BOX etc etc which all adds up in cost.

06-15-03, 09:56 AM
Well, Chaintech has always been expensive because of the bundles they include. So you're paying for the extras... which i don't really care for seeing I can buy them seperate. I am simply looking for feedback on the board itself. I know that Chaintech has always managed to produce some good boards. So my question would be, is the sound on this board so bad that it would make you turn to the other boards simply for that reason?

06-15-03, 04:10 PM
I have this board, but not the Ultra, I was well aware of all the comments about it's inferior sound when I bought it as well.

I think the sound quality is actually better than my old SB Live, which may or may not say a great deal. I don't get any stuttering at all, and I don't have 5.1 speakers or anything (only time I use audio output is when I hook my machine up to my decks (except when I'm gaming with headphones))

I have been very pleased with this board, except for running into some troubles overclocking. I can't get my 2500 to go over 171FSB x 11, and if I drop the multiplier it doesn't help much either. Flashing the BIOS was a royal pain in the arse as well, but it's not a problem if you flash straight to v5, instead of to v3 (cos the localized chaintech sites haven't been updated).

In short, I am not "displeased" with the audio quality in any way shape or form. I would definitely not call it bad. I have been thinking about getting a Revolution 7.1, but in all honesty I probably don't really need it at all (when does that stop you buying hardware though :D)

06-16-03, 03:49 PM
I agree with the above poster, i have the non-ultra 7njs zenith. for my purposes the sound works great, and way better than my old sb live! value. there's never any crackling, and i never use any advanced EAX effects in games because it hardly ever sounds right and degrades performance. it supports 6 channel, and has digital/optical connections however you can only use digital audio with 2 speakers which is the major downfall if your looking for digital audio.

i'd rather have the (inferior?) c-media than the soundstorm that is constantly having problems and they still haven't fixed them all yet.

also the promise sata, rounded cables, C-Box where the selling points for me, as well as versatility in the bios.

06-16-03, 04:04 PM
Well, there are many boards that offer promise sata and other accesories. Maybe not all the boards offer as much as the Chaintech, but for the money you save you can get all these things. As far as the sound goes, I have not heared of too many problems with sound storm. But thanks for the input guys. I think I will make my mind up once I am actually ordering....

06-16-03, 04:24 PM
IMO, all the "extras" you get with the Chaintech board aren't worth the price, especially if you're not going to use them. I have the Abit board and I love it. It was reasonably priced ($125 a couple months ago) and actually comes with a serial to parallel ATA converter, which was really nice. I hit a 200 fsb with my 2400+ on this board without any headaches at all and the Soundstorm audio performance has been top notch.

If I were you I would save the money I would spend on that Chaintech and get the Abit. Either pocket the difference or use that to get a better processor. Trust me you won't be disappointed. :D

06-16-03, 04:29 PM
That is exactly what I was thinking. I hear good things about the Abit board. I just wanted to know how the performance was on the chaintech. I can see that the price difference is mostly focused on the accessories rather than performance. That is why I think I will go with the Abit for that high overclock and good sound.


06-17-03, 11:54 AM
I have had 3 Abit boards go belly up on me. Bad Capacitors, now since then they have said they will replace them and I have the RMA numbers and all, but I havent bothered to send them back. I just didnt trust them. I went with Chaintechs 7njl1, I wanted the Zenith, but again the cost vs what your getting and such just didnt justify the extra cash. So when I decided to get something around the 100-125 dollar mark thier 7njl1 was a good choice because of the bundles. If you already have rounded cables, USB/headphone connectors in the front of your case etc... then those extras are useless. But thats something you will have to look into. From the minute I got the board, I was most pleased with it and just because of the good sucess I have had I would try another Chaintech product again. But ASUS is always a good board, I almost went with it but I didnt have rounded cables, it didnt have front USB, etc... btw its nice to have those handy up front. Digital camera gets used alot around here. and so thats why I took a chance on it. Good luck, and I really debated that Zenith instead. But I am not a serious gamer whos got to have 5.1 sound, etc..... btw, the C Media chips are ok, I would get a SoundBlaster if your wanting excellent sound, for me, a beep or blip or 2 works just fine. And as for Spdif etc.... I have a awesome Panasonic THX DVD Home Theater setup, so having Dolby on the computer is kinda pointless for me, I dont even have a DVD rom so your going to just have to weigh out your pros and cons on it.


06-17-03, 12:00 PM
Yeah, I have heared of the problem of capacitors blowing on the Abit boards. But you know, you can have a problem with any board you get. For every 10 boards sold, there is at least one that has somethin messed up. I am hoping they fixed whatever it was with the Abits and take my chances with it. The price is not so bad and the performance on it is great. :)
Just hope I get a good one... :rolleyes: